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SEZIONE STACCATA DI VALDAGNO: PALESTRA SCUOLE ELEMENTARI PONTE DEI NORI MARTEDI' e VENERDI' DALLE 17,30 ALLE 18,30. 2 neo cadetti e 1 ragazzo Secondi classificati kata a squadre e siamo solo all’inizio.
Satcha Pretto is an Emmy award-winning Journalist and news co-anchor of the Univision Network's popular morning show Despierta America.
Il faut debroussailler pour arriver a la simplicite, c’est la recherche artistique de Litmee.

Eddy de Pretto est un omme de plume au timbre atypique teinte de soul et maniant l’interpretation.
Satcha Pretto started her professional career as a television journalist in Midland-Odessa, Texas as a reporter and anchor of the late night newscast of KTLE-Telemundo.
Elle grandit avec Brassens, Barbara, les Beatles, Nina Hagen, Camille, Bach et valse avec tous ces paysages. Satcha Pretto was also able to work as a reporter for KWES-TV channel 9, a NBC affiliate and Telemundo KTLE's sister station.

While at KUVN, Satcha Pretto collaborated with the CNN Cable Network as a reporter for Anderson Cooper 360 and the now defunct Paula Zahn Now. Satcha Pretto's most memorable interview in Dallas was with famous Chilean writer Isabel Allende on March, 2006.

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