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That plastic cap-bolt-looking thingy is merely a thread protector for the installer threads in the end of the cam extension.
Once you get the new pulley pressed flush with the cam extension and the tensioner in place, you snake the new belt down around the water pump pulley, around the drive pulley, and use a wrench on the cast lug on the idler tensioner arm to relieve the spring tension, flip the brlt into place.
Many threads on this in Discussions, Item Specific, Cadillac Tech Tips, and diagrams and pictures in my albums - the Community tab ^^^, Albums, the red Seville. Your entire cooling problems were caused by the water pump belt tensioner pulley freezing up (lack of lubrication) and destroying the rest of the parts in the process. Automobile(s): White Diamond '03 DHS (with DTS floor shift) Join Date Jun 2004 Location Woodstock Ill.

OP don't forget to change the idler pulley as it froze and burnt the pulley you are changing up.
Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. There you are!I think your question got lost when you opened another one.Let me pull up the wiring diagram, be right back. Hi,No relays for this problem.Can you ohm out those wires shown in the diagram i sent to see if one is open?
Use a good flashlight to make sure the belt is on all 3 ribs of the water pump pulley - easy to screw that up.

Look at the diagram and make sure both have 12 volts to both ends of each fuse and let me know. To be the first to review this product, Login or Register Please wait while we perform your request.

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