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If you wait and continue driving the vehicle, you may end up needed to replace the transmission and that can be very expensive.
If your car overheats, it can damage the transmission so it’s important to have it checked by a professional before driving it if this happens. A transmission professional has the equipment needed to determine what is wrong and fix the problem. If you do notice something wrong, you can have it checked out before it turns into something more serious. We can help you find a good transmission repair Fountain Valley 92708 shop to help keep your vehicle running smoothly for many years. This entry was posted in Transmission Repair Expert and tagged auto repair, j, transmission, transmission repair, Transmission Repair Fountain Valley.
Here is the fast version of my home-made instructional film on how to paint your own car yourself. Many of these great muscle car and hot rod paintings are available as limited edition prints. Bruce's passion for cars probably started because his dad, Ralph Kaiser, owned an automatic transmission shop in Albany, NY (still in the family today) and had a reputation in the early 60s for building a stout Olds-Pontiac-Caddy GM hydramatic with B&M hydrostick parts .
Bruce started hanging out at the A&W at the end of his street while still riding his bike.

Bruce's muscle car and hot rod art prints are now available as puzzles sold by Master Pieces. Transmissions can be very complicated so when problems occur, it’s best to take your automobile to a Fountain Valley 92708 repair shop right away. It’s also a good idea to take your vehicle in for regular maintenance on your transmission because this can help eliminate many problems before they occur.
When you first try to take off from a stop, the vehicle will hesitate before moving but you can hear it accelerating.
If you hear a grinding noise or if you hear the engine winding up and then your vehicle jumps as it finally takes hold and goes into gear, you have a problem that needs checked out. Towing another vehicle or utility trailer that is too heavy can also damage your transmission. Having a repair shop to do regular maintenance will help extend the life of your transmission.
You never want to wait and let problems linger because they can get worse and eventually, your transmission will completely give out leaving you stranded.
He refused to believe that he was no longer capable of doing things that he could when he was. There were often cool cars around the shop like 1949 Fords and Olds coupes with big Olds or Cadillac V8 engine swaps with hydramatics .

As soon as he got his first car, Bruce started cruising the local Albany hangouts like Mikes Subs, Neba's Roast Beef and the local speed shops like Pfeiffer's.
The sooner you have it checked out the better because you can fix some problems easily, if you take care of them as soon as they first begin. It can be subtle at first and hard to notice but over time, it will begin to slip more if it is not fixed. If you see fluid underneath where you park your vehicle or if you notice smoke coming from your engine when it gets hot but it’s not overheating, this could mean that you have a leak. It was the golden age of Detroit's great muscle cars and 60s style hot rods and the images and sounds of hot cars under the lights at a local hamburger place still influence Bruce's paintings today. Driving the vehicle low on transmission fluid can damage it completely, making it necessary for you to replace it. Bruce strives to capture those perfect summer nights as he remembers them in his paintings. Many artists feature pristine original muscle cars in their paintings, but Bruce likes to paint them the way he remembers the cars people were driving then.

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