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Automotive air conditioning systems that use an orifice tube also must use compressor controls to maintain low side pressure and temperature.
The accumulator is placed at the evaporator outlet and is used to separate liquid refrigerant from vaporized refrigerant, as well as remove any moisture contained in the refrigerant.
The receiver drier is used in air conditioning systems that utilize an expansion valve for refrigerant flow control.
Constant-velocity joints (aka homokinetic or CV joints) allow a drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at constant rotational speed, without an appreciable increase in friction or play. The universal joint, one of the earliest means of transmitting power between two angled shafts, was invented by Gerolamo Cardano in the 16th century. Early front wheel drive systems such as those used on the Citroen Traction Avant and the front axles of Land Rover and similar four wheel drive vehicles used universal joints, where a cross-shaped metal pivot sits between two forked carriers. As front wheel drive systems became more popular, with cars such as the BMC Mini using compact transverse engine layouts, the shortcomings of universal joints in front axles became more and more apparent. When the input and output shafts are inclined at some working angle to each other, the driving intermediate member accelerates and decelerates during each revolution.
It consists of two identical ball yokes which are positively located (usually) by four balls. Its construction differs from that of the Rzeppa in that the balls are a tight fit between two halves of the coupling and that no cage is used. The most advanced plunging joint which works on the Weiss principle is the six-ball star joint of Kurt Enke. Double Cardan joints are similar to double Cardan shafts, except that the length of the intermediate shaft is shortened leaving only the yokes; this effectively allows the two Hooke's joints to be mounted back to back.
The Thompson constant velocity joint (TCVJ), also known as a Thompson coupling, assembles two cardan joints within each other to eliminate the intermediate shaft. Designed and patented by Antonio Malpezzi (at the time owner of a CV re-manufacturing Company in Italy) in 1976 this joint consist of a cage with spherical inner with a shaped mouth.
This joint was extensively tested for possible automotive application but prove to be unable to cope with the articulation needed for such a use. To shop for vent covers, heat registers, floor diffusers, and decorative vents go directly to our air vent selection page. When we are talking about engine, one of the most important part in an engine is called coolant. In more detail coolant temperature sensor is applied into the engine especially near the coolant system and it will transmit any change inside the coolant parts especially the temperature by transmitting different voltage of code and each voltage means different temperature number which then will be transmitted into the central console for us to read in a understandable manner. The function of coolant temp sensor is very significant in this present day, without the use of this coolant temperature sensor we will have harder time to detect if the coolant are still in a good condition or not. To make things worse broken coolant means that broken engine as the engine will be easier to be overheated and it can cause us serious trouble which means we need to repair it more and more cost at the end. This will help us to take immediate care of the coolant if the coolant have higher heat condition than it is normally should be and means that we cans are money for only one repair in the end.

The use of coolant temperature sensor is very important right now as it can help us to take care of our engine vehicle in an easier manner.
Cracks and splits in the boot will allow contaminants in, which would cause the joint to wear quickly. These are not CV joints as, except for specific configurations, they result in a variation of the angular velocity. Since the central tongue and groove joint are a quarter of a revolution out of phase with the yoke jaws, the corresponding speed fluctuation of the driven intermediate and output jaw members exactly counteract and neutralize the speed variation of input half member. Rzeppa in 1926) consists of a spherical inner with 6 grooves in it, and a similar enveloping outer shell. The center ball rotates on a pin inserted in the outer race and serves as a locking medium for the four other balls. This type uses only three balls to transmit the torque, while the remaining three center and hold it together. This joint has a three-pointed yoke attached to the shaft, which has barrel-shaped roller bearings on the ends.
DCJs are typically used in steering columns, as they eliminate the need to correctly phase the universal joints at the ends of the intermediate shaft (IS), which eases packaging of the IS around the other components in the engine bay of the car. After this it was widely used in Italy in agriculture, as some Company building agricultural implement discovered that it was better suited than a Cardan joint to rotate at high speed and cheaper than a Rzeppa joint. Coolant itself is a part inside the engine that will have the function to cooling the engine if it is goes to hot because of the operation. Too many cooling proceeded means the coolant can also overheat, which is why the use of coolant temp sensor is very important to detect the heat that are happen in the coolant themselves.
This parts of the engine works by delivering the condition of the temperature of the coolant to the central console. The temperature sensor however will detect any change of temperature gives us regular information about the condition of our coolant in a more precise manner. Additionally coolant temp sensor has become a significant part in modern day car that makes it even more important. They are simple to make and can be tremendously strong, and are still used to provide a flexible coupling in some propshafts, where there is not very much movement. Rzeppa which was filed for patent in 1927[1] (a CV joint, the Tracta joint, designed by Pierre Fenaille at Jean-Albert Gregoire's Tracta company was filed for patent in 1926[2]), constant velocity joints solved many of these problems. Two balls in circular tracks transmit the torque while the other two preload the joint and ensure there is no backlash when the direction of loading changes.
When both shafts are in line, that is, at an angle of 180 degrees, the balls lie in a plane that is 90 degrees to the shafts. They are also used to replace Rzeppa style constant-velocity joints in applications where high articulation angles, or impulsive torque loads are common, such as the driveshafts and halfshafts of rugged four wheel drive vehicles.
Note: drawing on the right omits certain components in order to illustrate the control yoke's spherical pantograph.

To assemble it the spherical driving ball is inserted in the cage by matching the two grooves with the narrowest part of the cage's mouth, rotated 90° then two steel block are inserted in the grooves and locked in place with a bolt running through the cage's side.
We are able to provide home owners and commercial contractors with personal service that is unavailable at a large supply store. To further explain the use of coolant sensor we will begin by describe its function and also use in the next paragraph. They allowed a smooth transfer of power despite the wide range of angles through which they were bent.
The input shaft fits in the centre of a large, steel, star-shaped "gear" that nests inside a circular cage.
If the driving shaft remains in the original position, any movement of the driven shaft will cause the balls to move one half of the angular distance. We always have an amazing selection of air diffusers, air conditioning vent, air vent covers and more in stock and ready to ship today.
Both intermediate members are coupled together in turn by a swivel tongue and grooved joint. The cage is spherical but with ends open, and it typically has six openings around the perimeter. For example, when the driven shaft moves through an angle of 20 degrees, the angle between the two shafts is reduced to 160 degrees. These also allow an axial 'plunge' movement of the shaft, so that engine rocking and other effects do not preload the bearings.
We carry an amazing amount of products, including light and outlet covers, thermostats, fans, indoor air quality products, and energy efficiency products to fit any decor. This cage and gear fit into a grooved cup that has a splined and threaded shaft attached to it. The balls will move 10 degrees in the same direction, and the angle between the driving shaft and the plane in which the balls lie will be reduced to 80 degrees.
Six large steel balls sit inside the cup grooves and fit into the cage openings, nestled in the grooves of the star gear. This action fulfills the requirement that the balls lie in the plane that bisects the angle of drive.
Due to this it is typically used in rear wheel drive vehicle configurations or on the inboard side of front wheel drive vehicles where the required range of motion is lower. The output shaft on the cup then runs through the wheel bearing and is secured by the axle nut.

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