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David Peel Auto Electricians Ltds deliver an Auto Electrical service aimed at Heavy Goods Vehicles and Large Public Service Vehicles covering vehicle diagnostics, maintenance and repairs to a dealer level.
Autotec Kly Ltd provide a comprehensive mechanical service and repair service for all Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and large Public Service Vehicles (PSVs).
Autotec Recovery Kly Ltd provide a HGV and Large PSV recovery service utilising our heavy winching equipment and low loader to recovery vehicles from throughout the United Kingdom. On Thursday, July 14th (Bastille Day), the same day as a horrific terrorist attack on the French Riviera in Nice, marks the day I first became aware of the nine shootings (7 fatal, 2 wounded), committed since mid-March, in Phoenix, AZ. I should mention, one other linked incident, is that an unoccupied vehicle was shot-up on June 12th. One of the early victims, who survived a vexing ordeal with the phantom gunman, provided the police sketch artist with this description, as seen in these sketches, convinced the shooter was a light-skinned, skinny Hispanic male, with short hair. The shooter may have accomplices, but this too is clouded, from what we can glean from eye-witnesses.
What’s troubling me most is picturing the gunman as a Latino shooting his own people! I think I’ll make a list for you, of the victims, providing their name, date, time, and location of their assault, and whether they died or survived. Serial Killer in Arizona Has Residents Afraid to Step Outside by the Associated Press – [New York Post], covers Manuel Castro Garcia. With the knowledge that probably 6 of 9 shootings (7 fatal, 2 wounded) occurred in Maryvale, also called West Phoenix, I felt a need to research this neighborhood, since obtaining perspective on its history, I was thinking, likely would shed some light on the suspect. I’m not that familiar with the Phoenix serial shootings from late 2005 and 2006, committed by Dale Hausner and Sam Deitman (plus one other Hausner family member), but I did manage to review an outline of the harrowing account from an article posted on ABC Arizona 15 (Serial shootings bring back memories for former Phoenix police detective, by Sonu Wasu). These crazies would drive around until they found someone walking alone, then just shoot them. While the shootings were random, Hausner specifically held contempt for the homeless and prostitutes; ie the downtrodden were his scapegoats. This MO is what made me think of an infamous case from the 1970s, which garnered quite a bit more attention on my part. The Son of Sam case was labyrinthian and quirky, and reflective of a unique era; actually this was the frivolous Disco Era. A 3rd connection is the use of a vehicle to get into and out of the designated crime scene rather rapidly.
The weapons of choice used by these two very different serial killers, showcase the technical advances brought to the manufacturing of guns, over a forty year timespan. I will point out a few blatant variances between 1977 and 2016, that would be irresponsible of me not to mention.
In addition, they enjoy garnering a tremendous amount of press, going so far as to even influence the planning and actualization of their next crime-spree. Part of the motive, it’s troubling to disclose, is these people get a kick out of shooting someone to death (there’s no other way to say it)! Suspicions that there may be applications in Phoenix can not be totally eliminated at this time. The killings would make a great deal more sense if we knew for certain the offender was white; as such, we could assert that racism figures into his motive.
Nonetheless, we can find cases from our past that show someone wreaking havoc on their own.

However, June 12th is the last date we can ascribe to the carnal blood-lust of PSSS; the last one is more reckless and much more violent, with 3 lives lost.
John KaysJohn Kays identifies timeless remnants from our past that will endure, or be admired by future generations. Our services include digital and analogue Tachograph systems, vehicle heating and air conditioning system and can be delivered from our purpose built premises in Keighley or on site via our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles.
Our mechanical repair service is supported by our fully stocked, on site, parts department and our professional team of mechanics ensuring you always receive a service to the highest standard.
We are able to recover vehicles to our 1000sqm workshop, which was purpose built in 2011, further inspection and repair however we aim to repair vehicle at the roadside wherever possible in order to minimise disruption to a vehicles schedule.
This was just about 25 minutes before a very troubling triple homicide occurred in Maryvale.
I can’t substantiate this is necessarily true, other than to say, my intuition tells me an internal threat is more powerful than an external threat. Others are not so persuaded the shooter is Hispanic, considering the option, he might be white – there’s a big difference!
Personally, I believe the killer is a lone perpetrator, and keeps a low profile in general society, to avoid detection. Although the press has provided minimal biographical data on these people, these victims warrant our deepest respect. Coronado Road), Manuel Castro Garcia, 19, was ambushed, apparently, when exchanging a few words with his executioner.
The deceased are: Angela Linner, 31 (shot 8 times), Maleah Ellis, 12 (shot 12 times), and Stefanie Ellis, 33 (shot 14 times), mother of Maleah, was able to hold on until July 7th. Also, many of the Latin people who live here are immigrants from around the world (South America, Central America), but especially from Mexico.
Why is he targeting the district of Maryvale, where the population is 76% Hispanic, if he too is Hispanic? The Hausner bunch killed 8 people and wounded 17; you might note, our current serial shooter has shot seven to death and has wounded two.
Evidence for the present-day sociopath (under scrutiny here) suggests minorities are his focus, both Hispanics and African-Americans, so far.
My curiosity only grew astronomically as I threw up my hands in disbelief, suspecting the ferocious attacks in NYC were initiated by an organized group with unknown motives.
I accept more of what he says, than I do reject; the evidence of contradictory police sketches for Sam, is persuasive for multiple responsible parties. An easy assessment is, today’s weapon can generate considerably more devastation, in a shorter period of time. Let’s cross our fingers, Phoenix refrains from widening the geographical zone of his crime spree; even better, that he would stop killing altogether and get arrested immediately!
I better mention other significant contrasts as well, that would lead some to believe the 1970s was some kind of Age of Innocence. Factoring in terrorism makes this case quite a bit more complicated and considerably more stressful for investigators.
Naturally, we must ask ourselves, is this madman committing this random gun violence on behalf of ISIS?
The killer hates the qualities they possess, perceived as flaws, since he shares those flaws or weaknesses with his victims.

Along side our mechanical service we also run a fully equipped Body Shop service including Fibre Glass and HGV Trailor Curtain repairs.
This is a simple way of saying it, but this means that some twisted individual has been creeping around West Phoenix since the first part of the year, an urchin crawling the streets just before dawn, stalking innocent people, then killing them with a semi-automatic handgun. Most of them were young, and they didn’t deserve to die so senselessly and violently! Horacio is survived by a twin sister, Nancy Pena, who is grieving for the loss of her brother. The three were listening to music in their car, minding their own business, when they were surprised. His crime spree became known to the nation on July 14th (Bastille Day, also the date of the Nice, France terrorist attacks), after the Phoenix PD linked these 10 incidents, based on weapon forensics (a semi-automatic handgun). Long, who built Maryvale into thriving suburbs during the 1950s and 1960s, implying the glory days of Maryvale are behind them.
The killers would meet for dinner at a favorite haunt, then go out on a Hunger Games-like hunting caper, searching for human beings! One slight nuance coming to my attention, is, the 2016 shooter gets to some of them when in a parked car, minding their own business, while others get stalked when walking. The vehicle is thought to be either a light or a dark sedan; not nailed down so good, but I heard they now have a better description. Not to mention the wave of police shootings (the shooting of young black men by the police has been going on for a long time). I doubt it, but in this day and age you have to run by every conceivable scenario that’s possible.
Pitt emphasizes the attacks tend to get bolder and sloppier as the perpetrator progresses through the timeline of attacks. I do remember how shocked I was after learning the Atlanta Child Murderer was black (Wayne Williams), yet was targeting poor black children during his homicidal crime spree (1979-1981).
Note: One of the first two victims provided the sketch artist with their best memory of the gunman. A prelude to a triple homicide, the sizzling rage of the phantom gunman would find his mark just 25 minutes later. Newer suburbs to the west, such as Avondale, Goodyear, and Buckeye, are experiencing economic growth, suggesting a shift. During the past 5 weeks since that triple homicide, the news has been jolted by gun violence, some against citizens of color, others against the police, upstaging the elusive Phoenix gunman! These are zeroing in on a buzz, the thrill of the kill, lowering his guard, and increasing the possibility of detection, when getting more and more reckless. What words were exchanged between the suspect and Manuel Castro Garcia (Garcia lost his life on June 10th, at 9:30 PM, 6500 W.

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