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Getting a car loan with no job is now no longer difficult task as it could be possible to find lenders that specialize in providing such types of car finances. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
No car buyer would not want a low interest rate for his or her auto loan.  Indeed, buying a car is expensive and if one would take a loan to make the car purchase, it is going to be more expensive.
There are still more variables which are also important for car buyers to understand.  Indeed, a loan calculator for auto loans helps in the analysis of the amounts involved in an auto loan and especially, in the borrower’s decision on which is auto loan offer to take. Ford has spent a great deal of time and money developing and marketing its EcoBoost family. Ford's efforts have paid off, as sales of the naturally aspirated V6- and EcoBoost V6-equipped F-150s have outpaced those of the V8 models. GM, however, is hitting back today with the announcement that its new 5.3-liter EcoTec3 V8 engines manages to produce 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque. Truck buyers still know they're not fuel efficient but like Brandon said, why piss away your money if you don't have to?

I might be misunderstanding yours and Brandon's posts here but if you don't want to "piss away your money" unnecessarily, then why even consider buying a pick up truck when you don't need the towing power and off-road capability for a commuter vehicle?
I never said you didn't need towing or hauling capabilities; just saying for the folks who don't require it for personal or work reasons, it just doesn't make sense financially. I agree.What about all the craftsman and trade workers who use these trucks day in and day out? While the horsepower number compares favorably with the EcoBoost V6 in the F-150, it's down quite a bit in torque.
Ford is reportedly looking to trim up to 700 pounds from the next generation F-150, which will go a long way towards improving fuel efficiency.
Just because someone buys a truck doesn't mean they can't also pay attention to how much money they're spending on fuel as well. Someone who buys a truck normally does it for a specific purpose, be it towing, hauling, whatever.Trucks are a big part of American business as well.
They're just supposed to suck it up and pay?Just this morning at the gas station I saw an F250 4 door with six guys in it and the truck was pulling a concrete mixer. Somebody here in DT years ago defended his Hummer - because then he can transport his 50" TV with it.

GM says that in 4x2 trim, the EcoTec3 will be good for 23 mpg highway; checking off the 4x4 option box will result in 22 mpg on the highway. Ford showcased the use of active aero technology on its Atlas truck concept (which no doubt is a precursor to the next generation F-150), which boost highway fuel efficiency by 2 mpg. We knew that beforehand (most truck buyers do) but got the diesel because it gets better fuel economy than the gas engine. Yeah, it's not going to get 50 MPG but why should they have to settle for 10 MPG?These guys have costs - whoever runs that crew has costs. When it comes time to replace an older vehicle in the fleet, saving 2 to 3 mpg per vehicle adds up over time.Same goes for regular consumers.

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