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It is possible to have your monthly payment reduced to nothing, if you don’t earn enough income to make the payment on time.
Unfortunately, income-driven plans are only available for people with federal student loans. If you are a parent with a PLUS loan, you are eligible for ICR (income-contingent repayment), so long as your loans are consolidated. If you don’t have problems making your monthly payment, but you are tired of the high interest rate on your student loan debt, you should consider refinancing with one of the new marketplace lenders.
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Interested parties should confirm all data before relying on it to make a purchase decision.

Enrolling in an income-driven plan doesn’t harm your credit report or your credit score. Today there are more than 20 providers (and growing) that offer student loan refinancing at very low interest rates. Many more borrowers are delaying homeownership and children to deal with their debt burden.
You can estimate your monthly payment under the plan by using a payment tool created by the government.
Prices may not include additional fees such as government fees and taxes, title and registration fees, finance charges, dealer document preparation fees, processing fees, and emission testing and compliance charges. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of options out there for both graduates and parents to manage their student loan debt.

Two of the most effective methods are federal income-based repayment programs and refinancing options made available by private lenders.
One of the leading providers has disclosed that its average borrower saves $14,000 when refinancing.
The people who benefit the most from this program are individuals with big federal student loan balances and low lifetime earnings.

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