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A prepayment penalty is a fee charged by your lender when you pay off a loan “early.” Loans like auto loans and home loans generally have a term (for example, 5 year auto loans or 30 year mortgages).
Waiting to pay is the easy answer, but you might not want to let your loan run for decades.Depending on your loan, you might be able to prepay a portion of your loan every year without facing penalties.
We often end up taking loans for many a reason, like educational loan, auto loan, home loan, gold loan, personal loan, etc. Some banks like the SBI (State Bank of India) have no penalty charged for prepayment of prepaid loans once it has ensured that own funds are used for the payments. Due to the recent RBI (Reserve Bank of India) announcement, banks are prohibited from charging penalty against prepayment of home loans. A major benefit is that the prepayment can be linked in order to avail rebate on tax under Section 80C. Make sure you do not prepay when you have only a few years of tenure left because in such case it is rather preferable and advisable to invest elsewhere rather than prepaying.
Loan owners remain under the impression that since they already have paid a substantial number and amount of EMIs, and lower is the interest component which in turn makes no sense to prepay the outstanding loan amount.
Whether to prepay or not to prepay the loan amount hence depends on many factors, for example, the loan payment stage the borrower is at, the rate of interest, the penalty charges and the prepayment charges. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Pro comp suspension - 2 leveling lift kit - fits 2009, Pro comp is the fastest, safest, least expensive way to bring the front of your vehicle level with the rear.
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This is because banks earn when the tenure of the repayment is large because in that case the interest earned is also higher, and when the borrower tends to diminish the tenure by prepaying the amount, banks would otherwise run on loss or with negligible profitability. However, the reality is that the borrower actually pays the same interest amount for the not yet paid principal amount. A thorough analysis of all these elements should be a must to-do item before deciding on taking any action towards prepayment.
For home loans issued after January 10, 2014, lenders can only impose prepayment penalties for the first three years of your loan (and the maximum penalty is 2%). There may be certain times when we have enough amount and we plan for a prepayment of loan.
This is because the interest is calculated using a method called the reducing balance method. In case you have extra cash, use that surplus money to make prepayment keeping note of the above stated major points and then decide on prepayment or other investment options available in the market.
Yes, prepayment, as by the word, means repaying the lender with the loan amount ahead of the stipulated tenure. Borrowers should hence measure and consider before prepayment, the current interest rate and not the loan tenure.

For example, Wells Fargo charges $500 if you prepay certain home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) within three years.Dodging the FeesHow can you avoid prepayment penalties? It therefore involves paying off an extra amount towards the EMI which in turn reduces the overall tenure, total interest and hence the reduction in the entire amount paid. On personal loans, they’re less likely, but you always need to read the find print.Why Lenders Charge FeesWhy can’t we just live in a world without prepayment penalties? Also, because of the above stated three reasons, banks tend to charge a penalty on such kinds of transaction where the borrower prepays for an early closure. Lenders planned to earn a profit from your loan, and you’re taking your ball and going home. As a result, they’re going to get that revenue one way or another.Although it’s not always the case, it might even make sense to choose a loan with a prepayment penalty (assuming you’re confident that you won’t pay early).
When you do so, you reduce the risk that your lender takes, and that might encourage them to reduce your costs in return.
However, this only works out if you have options – if you can compare the terms of loans with and without prepayment penalties and choose the best one.

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