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With the dollar’s current weakness against the Euro, Pound and other foreign currency, many European automakers have decided that the US is too big of a market to give up due to poor currency exchange rates. Special Offer: Save on quality tires with manufacturer's promotions available from Tire Rack.
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Positive developments about Tesla Motors' fortunes have been selectively covered by media of late, and the increasing likelihood that the company will be a long-term success has led some outlets to seek ever more inventive ways of criticizing the Department of Energy loan that it received (or pretend it never got a government boost at all).
However, the Model S has actually been touted as a potential "game-changer" for its stated range of either 206 or 265 miles when fully charged (depending on which of the two batteries owners choose). In fact, no one anywhere has reported a 16-mile battery range for the car according to Nexis searches -- not even John Broder, in his hotly-contested New York Times test drive. In 2011, MacDonald also appeared to pull a figure out of thin air to attack green energy investments, claiming that Evergreen Solar received "$43 million in federal money," when the bankrupt company had actually not received any federal money, according to The New York Times. Our blog section features rapid response fact-checks of conservative misinformation, links to media criticism from around the web, commentary, analysis and breaking news from Media Matters' senior fellows, investigative team, researchers and other staff.
Fox Sunday Shows Baselessly Suggest Clinton Gave Favors To Foundation DonorsFox News’ Sunday shows continued to hype the claim by the conservative group Judicial Watch that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gave favors to a Clinton Foundation donor when she was secretary of state.
11 April 2016 Update: Datsun is gearing up for the world premier of the redi-GO in India on Thursday, April 14, 2016. The redi-GO, which was earlier known by the code-name I2, will go on sale in India in April 2016. For now, not to many details about the new Datsun I2 are available, but our sources have confirmed that the I2 which will be shown at the Auto Expo, will be more than just a mock-up.

Motive power will come from a simpler, cheaper version of Nissan’s HR12 three-cylinder engine family, but with a lower displacement in the range of 800-1000cc. Importantly, Datsun has confirmed that it will manage its own sales and marketing in India, with Hover Automotive India, which handles sales and marketing for Nissan, not being involved.
So, why not reverse the problem and start building cars stateside for super cheap and sell them in Europe where the currency is as strong as ever.
The Fox reports ignored that the emails provide no evidence of the donor seeking to benefit from the State Department and that the person the donor asked to meet has “never met nor spoken” with him.
Booking will beign from May 1, followed by launch and finally delievries from June 1, 2016. That's what the concept is named, but that is a name that is likely to stick with the production car as well. Datsun recognises that the world over customers like such styling, especially in emerging market economies like India, Indonesia and Russia. The design language of course will bear a clear resemblance to the already-revealed Go and Go+, so expect clean, geometric lines and simple surfaces. In the initial stages, Datsun cars will be sold through Nissan dealers, but Datsun will eventually have its own nationwide dealer footprint.
The price point of course is something that will be of particular interest to aspirational car buyers, looking to upgrade from motorcycles.
This date will mark the national launch of the new GO+, which competes with the likes of the Maruti-Suzuki Eeco as a compact utility vehicle. Audi, VW and a few other brands have decided to open production facilities here in the US to offset the current currency disparity. Actual numbers may vary, as Tesla points out, according to "driving conditions and how you drive and maintain your vehicle," but the company's online tool shows a range of just over 150 miles for the smaller battery even at 65 mph, at freezing-point temperatures, with heat and headlights turned on and windows rolled down (i.e. While the Datsun brand was resurrected by Nissan to make a push into these cost-competitive markets, the Datsun redi-GO is a car which may be sold in other markets as wel, including perhaps western Europe.

The same 3-cylinder engine which powers the Datsun Go hatchback will be used for the redi-GO as well, but with a shorter stroke, which will result in smaller displacement.
The Datsun I2 will be priced from Rs 2.5 lakh, and it will compete with the Hyundai Eon and Maruti Alto. However, for representation purposes, we have used an image of Nissan’s Compact Sports Concept.
Power and torque ratings will be comparable to Maruti Suzuki’s K10B engine, which powers the Alto K10 and A-Star, among others.
Stressing confidentiality, some Nissan and Datsun insiders are confident that the new I2 will create the kind of aspirational magic that Tata had hoped for with the Nano, but failed to deliver. The new Datsun GO+ will be the second car from the Nissan subsidiary to be launched in India. I certainly calendar contains an picture of Reviews their company form factor and information about Opinions their company.
The new Datsun I2 is likely to be available with a single engine only, rumoured to be a 3-cylinder petrol motor, displacing between 800-1000cc. The Datsun Go will initially be sold in India only, although there are plans to export it to other countries in Asia subsequently. The notoriously tough car reviewers at Consumer Reports, which earlier gave the Model S a near-perfect rating, cautioned that the car's actual range may not always align with the stated range, but reported nothing close to what MacDonald claims. The base model of the I2 will be bereft of most features, and will have simple winding windows, no power steering and no air conditioning.

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