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The Student Debt Crisis has reached massive proportions now that is has surpassed $1 trillion. While the average individual student loan debt per borrower is now in excess of $30,000, that figure doesn’t accurately depict how drastically high it can be for law students who frequently take on six figures worth of student loan debt to complete their studies.
To learn more about lawyers and law students’ student loan debt burdens, spoke with several current and former law students. While many recent graduates are still struggling to repay their student loan debt, so are plenty of current full-time lawyers.
Washington criminal defense and personal injury lawyer, Breckan Scott, told that she still has $150,000 worth of student loan debt. Having been forced to try establishing a law practice without any type of business loan financing due to her student loan debt, Scott instead plans to pay off her educational debt using compensation from successful verdicts and settlements. Unfortunately, Scott isn’t the only working lawyer who is grappling with college loan debt.
Teisha Powell, a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer and real estate attorney, told that after graduating with six figures worth of student loan debt, she was so scared she could not sleep. Her experience has prompted her to warn law students that even though lawyering is a prestigious and often-times lucrative career, those who pursue it may not make six figures worth of income for some time.
Now, Powell thinks that students should be prepared to “hustle” upon graduation since very few people get a decent job within the first three years. Brian Harris, a law student at Willamette University, told that, as a law student nearing graduation, his anxiety has only been increasing.
Even though he was anxious with his piling law school debt, Harris feels confident that the addition of an MBA will be an asset that will improve his job prospects.
Similar to Powell though, he warns law students that firms have little desire to hire recent graduates since most law schools fail to teach even basic job skills.
Having relieved his anxiety by cross-educating himself with an MBA, Harris believes he is one of the lucky ones since he received a scholarship allowing himself to borrow a relatively low amount of money — for a law student, that is. Despite the amount of debt he has incurred, Harris has no intention of pursuing a career in law and said he intends to direct his talent elsewhere. Shane Fischer, attorney at law, told that part of the reason for the ongoing difficulties facing law school students is technology. But lack of demand and current jobs aside, Fischer feels popular culture is also at fault for this current deluge of unemployed lawyers. Despite these guilty sources, this current attorney-at-law does not pardon the individual student.

Most law students are ignorant about money, claims Fischer, since they are fresh out of college and lack life experiences. The experiences of these lawyers and law students aside, not everyone agrees that law school debt is wholly unmanageable, or even necessary. Andy Josuweit, the CEO of Student Loan Hero, told that he frequently works with lawyers who have six-figure debt in the range of $250,000 to $400,000.
Lawyers with heavy debt are advised to look into the Income-Based Repayment programs provided by the federal government. Even though Ernst graduated sixth in her class, she was unemployed for one year and her student loan debt gained interest during deferment. Eventually, her husband, whom she met in law school, provided for her and has continued to help her reach her dream of becoming a novelist.
She counts herself among the lucky ones, knowing full well that many of her own friends have defaulted on their student loan debt.
Even though heavy student loan debt can make most anyone feel like an indentured servant, some schools help out by offering financial aid to students. Afam Onyema, a graduate from Harvard University and Stanford Law School, told that he declined several six-figure income offers from corporate law firms in order to work with his father’s African foundation that builds schools and hospitals.
He is able to work in a philanthropic organization because he negotiated a generous financial aid package from Stanford.
While Stanford clearly threw a lifesaver to Onyema in the form of a generous financial aid program, countless other law students are on their own in the stormy waters of the Student Debt Bubble.
Disclaimer: Some of the lenders that review loan applications processed on this website may perform credit checks on applicants at their discretion.
LRAP provides aid in the form of payment towards monthly student loan bills for lawyers who work to alleviate poverty in underprivileged areas.
LRAP acquires money by appealing for donations from law firms and corporate legal departments.
That annual income is a surprising pay cut from what these lawyers could potentially make if they went with a private law firm. A few years ago, Lauren Onkeles-Klein, an attorney at the Children’s Law Center, received help from LRAP.
Fortunately, her practice is reaching the point where she no longer has to sell personal items on craigslist just to pay bills or make rent payments in time. Harris will owe over $60,000 upon graduation, but compared to his friends, he feels that he is much better off.

Law firms used to hire rookie associates for $60,000 a year, but Fischer says they now outsource their research and writing to lawyers in India for pennies. He blames the media for portraying all law school graduates as Ivy League lawyers who begin at prestigious big-city law firms earning $160,000 a year.
That source told him that schools use the profits from law programs to fund money-losing operations in other parts of the university. Fischer partially blames the actual student loan borrowers themselves for acquiring such high levels of debt. Couple that inexperience with the notion that many parents front the educational bills for these prospective lawyers, and we see a generation of financially uneducated graduates as a result. Under these programs, borrowers can make lower payments until their job situations improve, in effect, keeping their heads above water. Despite finishing her law studies with $115,000 in debt, her husband’s assistance has allowed her to redirect her efforts from being a lawyer to becoming a writer. As a result, Stanford now pays 80 percent of his student loan debt through a repayment assistance program.
But for the first time since its creation, LRAP is unable to pay off eligible lawyer’s monthly loan debt.
When LRAP began in 2007, the average amount of student loan debt their eligible applicant’s had was $92,000.
That money is then turned around to help alleviate the ever-rising cost of law school to those lawyers who wish to serve the public and earn a wage that would make it hard to pay off their student loans.
According to Garret, “You can get six figures as first-year associate at some big law firms,” reported the LA Times. Unfortunately, Fischer says such experiences belong to less than 1 percent of all graduates in the country.
This leads to lawyers flooding the job market in a society overburdened with law school graduates.
She now warns everyone she knows not to go to law school unless they do so without borrowing student loans. While we publish content about various loan products and may discuss certain tax and financial considerations, generally we do not provide tax or financial advice of any kind.

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