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Assuming a $30,000 36-month new auto loan, we look at the interest rate, the monthly payment, and the total amount of interest paid based on credit scores. This is the seventh part of my Credit Series, where I explain the most important aspects of credit, credit reports, and credit scores. We’ve talked a lot about how credit scores are calculated as well as ways to improve your score, so today I wanted to take a look at how your score actually affects you.
As you can see from the chart, those with the highest credit scores have an interest rate of just over 5.8%, giving them a monthly payment of $910. Clearly credit scores can have a huge effect on the amount houses and cars actually cost us, and by keeping our credit score high, we can save thousands of dollars a year. The actual reason why I am striving hard to maintain a good credit is the fact that credit score are the most important requirement that a loan borrower should have.
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For all other buyers looking to find a used car with bad credit histories, the only option might be a subprime or deep subprime interest rate – usually for buyers with scores under 600 or under 500, with corresponding rates hovering around 15 to 20 percent, respectively. While not every interest rate on an auto loan may be the best deal financially, it helps to understand exactly what you’re getting into before signing any paperwork. The weather is beautiful, the temperature is high, but at CA Lending®, the interest rates are low.
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Use our free Auto Loan Calculator to estimate the overall cost of purchasing a car, including the sales price, sales tax, and the many charges and fees that creep up on you when you finally decide to make the purchase. Our Auto Loan Calculator gives you complete flexibility in how you make additional payments, in case you want to pay off your loan early and avoid paying so much interest. IMPORTANT: Many auto loans are actually "Simple Interest Loans" that accrue interest daily. Information about how to use the loan calculators are contained within the spreadsheet itself, mostly as cell comments.
Our auto loan calculator spreadsheet does not contain a calculator for comparing leasing vs. Sometimes, the auto manufacturer offers incentives in the form of a cash rebate or lower interest rate, but usually not both at the same time.
Disclaimer: The calculations in this spreadsheet are estimates and we do not guarantee the results.

Using FICO’s Loan Saving Calculator, I am going to illustrate the amount of money you can save by having a high credit score. I think you will be surprised at just how much bad credit can cost you and the difference it could make in your life. Each installment focuses on one factor influencing credit, tools to monitor and improve credit, or an explanation of a specific credit concept. However, as the credit score decreases, the interest rate, along with the monthly payment increases. For a $300,000 30-Year fixed loan, the monthly payments for someone with a 630 credit score are $300 higher than for someone with a 760 credit score, which would add over $100,000 to the cost of the loan. If you have a good credit it would be much easier for you to get the loan that you need but if you have a bad credit you might not be able to see lenders that will offer you a loan, if there’s any there are some other conditions to consider and one of that condition is the interest rate matter.
For many buyers, this question is one of the hardest riddles to pick apart in all of the car buying process – involving a fair amount of expertise on everything from interest rates to loan structuring, and can be a serious sore point if not properly set to match your budget.
With just a little know-how and the right information, you too can get an auto loan that fits your budget now and in the long term.
These usually hover just around or under five percent – a pretty good benchmark for determining how much you should expect to pay if you fit into this category. This is likely to add a few thousand dollars to your total, but for bad credit buyers this might be the best game in town.
These can add a hefty sum to your overall payment total but for some buyers they may be the only option available – and can mean the difference between getting a used car or not. That way, you know what to expect and how to deal with a high interest rate long before it does serious damage to your wallet – meaning more money for you to use on that next great used car. The worksheet calculates the total Loan Amount, taking into account your down payment, trade-in, or cash rebate. Our Auto Loan Calculator is great for running quick calculations, but if your loan is actually a simple interest loan, then you may get more accurate numbers by using our Simple Interest Loan Calculator. Use the Auto Loan Calculator worksheet to calculate the amount you will need to finance, based on the sales price of the car, destination charge, fees, sales tax, down payment, cash rebate, and trade-in value of an older auto.
Use the Payment Calculator worksheet (the featured image above) to create an amortization table based on the auto loan amount, annual interest rate, term of the loan, and payment frequency.
The third worksheet (Loan Comparisons) takes the inputs from the loan payment calculator and creates graphs showing you how different interest rates, number of payments, or the amount of down payment affect the monthly payment and total amount of interest.
Basically, you just enter values in the white-background cells, and see what happens to the other numbers.

The auto loan calculators in our spreadsheet let you specify a cash rebate and the annual interest rate.
Please consult your financial advisor or lending institution before making any final financial decisions. In the 660-689 tier, the monthly payments increase by $50 a month and the total amount of interest increases by almost $2,000 over the three year term of the loan. Interest rates often seem like low, trivial numbers at first, but over time your interest rates can equal and even exceed your initial loan amount if set too high. Many dealers offer incentives like zero percent interest for a set number of months, which can mean less cost to you once the interest actually does kick in.
Plus, this added cost can be mitigated through things like early payments and a large down payment.
You can then use the Auto Loan Payment Calculator (another worksheet within the Excel workbook) to create an amortization schedule and analyze different types of loans by changing the loan amount, interest rate, term of the loan (years), and the payment frequency. See how making extra payments can help you pay off your car loan early and reduce the amount of total interest paid. In the Payment Calculator, you can also enter values in the yellow cells (the Extra Payments column). You can save (or print out) two different versions of the spreadsheet in order to make comparisons.
If you have an extremely low credit score, in the 500-589 range, this could mean almost $200 a month more in payments as well as over 3 times as much interest paid. The spreadsheet has been left unlocked, to give you complete freedom to modify it as needed for your personal use. Nobody would want to pay an extra $2,000 per year in extra interest charges due to poor credit. However, make sure you know how the equations and formulas work before you try to branch out on your own.
We don't provide technical support for creating custom spreadsheets, but if you have some suggestions or comments, please let us know.

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