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No car buyer would not want a low interest rate for his or her auto loan.  Indeed, buying a car is expensive and if one would take a loan to make the car purchase, it is going to be more expensive. There are still more variables which are also important for car buyers to understand.  Indeed, a loan calculator for auto loans helps in the analysis of the amounts involved in an auto loan and especially, in the borrower’s decision on which is auto loan offer to take. It is paramount that you understand all of the details of an auto loan, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re receiving financing you can afford. In lieu of a cash down payment, you should also trading in your vehicle, unless you’re determined to sell it privately. Briggs went on to say that while a scenario like Ivory’s is rare, it illustrates the importance of reading the loan documents (yes, even in the midst of being excited about your new ride).
Her predicament also highlights the wisdom of a different car-shopping strategy: shopping with a loan pre-approval. And despite its length and your eagerness to get behind the wheel, read your contract — even if someone has already told you what is in it.
Sign up for our Credit Report Card and receive the latest tips & advice from our team of 50+ credit and money experts as well as a FREE Credit Score and action plan. Gerri Detweiler focuses on helping people understand their credit and debt, and writes about those issues, as well as financial legislation, budgeting, debt recovery and savings strategies. Comments on articles and responses to those comments are not provided or commissioned by a bank advertiser. Please note that our comments are moderated, so it may take a little time before you see them on the page. Question: is the bank who sent the denial letter the same bank through which the car is actually financed? Finance departments at car dealerships will probably farm your information out to a few banks and finance companies to see who bites and provides the best rates. I highly doubt the dealer would’ve allowed them to drive away without financing actually being secured on the car. If you have HORRENDOUS credit and 17 finance sources said no you should be thankful anyone would touch you.
If you are already in a car you like and have misgivings about the dealership that approached you about buying a new car, why not call the dealer and say you’ve decided to stick with your current car? Does a car dealer have to take my car back after the grace period if im in a ch 13 BK and my trustee denied the loan?
I am not aware of any requirement that they do so, but you’ll want to discuss your options with your bankruptcy attorney. I am not aware of any grounds for legal action but I am not an attorney, so I’d recommend you consult a consumer protection attorney in your area to find out if you have a case.
Ok so my credit score is 670 I was wanted to buy a used Kia valued at 23,999 I was told by the dealer I had good credit but that I needed a cosigner to get my car so I brought my grandparents in since they have great credit the dealer said all the banks denied my application for a loan?so after all is said and done they had my grandparents get the loan of almost 26000 or 27000? Yeah sorry for the evident anonymity it’s hard to give information on a moderated forum.
You may want to try to talk with your state attorney general’s office, but your best bet would be to have a consumer protection attorney review the situation for you. I dont want to go with either of the options and would want to cancel the contract but they are now telling me that they are talking with the senior management and it may be approved.
I have a bad feeling about this whole scenario and do not want to continue doing business with them.
The stress they have caused me in last few days is not something i deserved while buying a new car! Bought a car for $11,000 used car dealer called me said my load didn’t go through so they had to lower the price to $10,000 but my monthly payment is $40 more and I have 54 months instead of 60 months. You’d probably have to consult an attorney to review the contract to see if there are any irregularities. My recommendation is that you find a local community bank or credit union and ask to sit down with a loan officer there before you go into a dealership. If you need help finding one, visit the website of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. You can try to talk to the dealer — but most auto loans do not come with a cooling off period.
Unfortunately, the reality is that not everyone has the finances to cover such an enormous expense, and thus a car loan is required.
This is standard for most purchases from automotive dealerships, and not doing so can often hurt your chances of being approved for an auto loan. The dealership will assess the cash value of your trade-in and that will be deducted from the total cost of your new vehicle. Your monthly payments will be reduced for longer loans, but keep in mind that longer loans also accrue more interest.
Even though all the paperwork was signed, he said, there is a great likelihood that the contract included language allowing the lender to rescind or rewrite the loan.

With this tactic, you’ll have an idea of how much you plan to spend and how long you are willing to make payments. My father had actually bought a new minivan the same day I bought my car from the same dealership. It took 17 inquiries before they found someone who would finance me, and when they did the rate was a ridiculous 16.99%.
The dealer will not want to take it back — they will also want you to successfully finance it. You may do better to return to the dealer with what you think is a fair way to resolve the situation and negotiate from there.
If in fact the dealership did engage in fraudulent activity (and simply marking up a vehicle isn’t necessarily fraud), then you may be able to cancel the sale. I just read that this is a shady practice from some dealers to get a higher rate and make more on the car. We do not know why the banks denied your co-signed application, nor do we know who the owner is.
But know that I’ve been trying to find where they believe they had me agree to the insurance clause. I don’t have a definitive answer as your rights depend on all the facts and circumstances. I know it will cost some money and it’s probably a stretch for you but it could be better than the thousands of dollars they may try to charge you if you simply returned the vehicle. Just bought a new Honda CRV on Aug 31st and on Sep 11th received a call from Honda saying my loan application has been denied and was presented with two options – 1) get the loan only for 2 years as opposed to 66 months as signed in the original contract (much higher monthly installment) or 2) Lease the car from them and buy it out later. I am planning to get financing on my own, however i do not want to keep this car with me anymore. As much as we’d like to help, this is no doubt a large amount of money and you need legal advice.
Contract was signed and they let us take the car but paperwork was on hold for the bank because they needed one piece of paper from me.
But if you are able to make the payments despite the job loss, do you think you can get an approval elsewhere? If nothing else, the lawyer may be able to help you get the vehicle returned without any repercussions.
To see if they will have to cut the price of the truck or may require and down payment now. A repo would likely still cost you money and leave you without a car and with a bill (and damage to your credit).
He could certainly try complaining to the CFPB and his state attorney general’s office, but given the amount of money involved and the risk to his credit if he defaults, he needs to talk with an attorney. But the process of seeking approval from a lender can add stress to what is already a strenuous car-buying experience.
20% of the vehicle’s total cost is the most common percentage for a down payment, but 10% is also acceptable. If you’re unsatisfied with their assessment, you aren’t obligated to accept that and trade it in. Borrowers with higher credit scores are more likely to receive lower interest rates than someone with a questionable credit history.
Keep in mind this is after I have had the car for 2 weeks and already signed needed contracts. He emphasized that the lender, not the dealer, would be behind an overturned loan decision. It’s also possible that the dealer can help her find a different lender, though the terms could be different from the ones she initially agreed to. I cannot recall who the financing actually went through, but I received a letter about a week post purchase from US Bank saying I’d been denied financing, listing the reasons why and all the other typical disclosures and statements that go along with that.
He was financed through US Bank, while I was financed through someone else (again, can’t remember the name right now). Most often the people complaining about high rates and lack of options are also the ones that don’t pay on time, go delinquent to the point of foreclosure or in your case repossession and then bad mouth the bank. Visit the website of the National Association of Consumer Advocates if you need help finding one. I was already in a car I liked with a year left on payment .She called me and offered to see if she could get me in a newer car at a better rate than what I was paying . But if you can shorten the narrative and focus on what you believe should happen that is fair to both parties, perhaps you can end the back-and-forth disagreements. I had no intention of buying… After testing drive the different models, they ask to see how much I could get for my trade in, which was an older beetle model.
If your mom cosigned on the loan, then you definitely want to let her know what’s going on so she can get involved.

But you do have to make your payment on your current loan or risk a late payment on your credit. The more you’re able to put down, the less you’ll have to cover over the course of your loan.
Readers have told us some applications at dealerships have triggered multiple inquiries (sometimes dozens) and their credit scores have been hurt as a result.
I fortunately had a windfall soon after that and did not have to live out that loan, paying it off after just 3 monthly payments. My suggestion to someone with HORRENDOUS credit take the 16.99% pay on time for 12 months then ask to re-finance at a lower rate with the same bank.
I bad mouthed myself for allowing my credit to get so bad (it involved first a job loss that prevented me from paying 4 credit card bills for 4 months and then a car accident that saw me go 93 days delinquent) and lamented that I had to accept a loan at 16.99% or not get one at all.
Purchased signed contract and called asked to come back in paid additional $1000.00 down resigned contract and left.
It IS possible that you could be offered financing with different terms than you thought, though (as the post above explains). We would recommend you talk to your state attorney general’s office to find out what consumer protections may be available in your state.
I owed $5k on my older beetle, they said things could work and they would give me $3k for my trade in and add $2k on my new loan.
The dealer says they will match my APR for the full amount of the car and I sign the paperwork and drive it off the lot. If not, you can try to find an attorney through the website of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. Is there a way that i can exit this contract (which technically per my understanding is void since it clearly stated that “the contract is contingent upon the loan application getting approved”)? Shouldn’t they have to go by what the contracts says or do I take a loss for giving them the money and driving off? But if they didn’t credit you for a down payment you made then that would be a different story.
They have already paid off the bank for my other vehicle I really don’t know what to do. It got to a point where I was concerned that I would get financing at all, just like what this poster went through. That company finances anybody who is willing to pay 16.99% interest, much like a car insurance company will offer insurance to anybody who is willing to pay premiums that are extremely high. But since they say that even though I can manage high debt, with a debt ratio that high, it will take your credit score from perfect down to 500’s JUST FOR DEBT RATIO. However, when they let you ride out it sends a good clear message to the bank and most of the time they can get you done..
And contact the dealership immediately to see whether you can work out something with them. A couple of weeks later, I receive a letter from Wells Fargo saying that the loan that was applied for for me through the dealership has been denied.
Can the company legally charge me for the months I didn’t have the insurance they wanted me to have when that specification was never in the contract to begin with? I am not an attorney, though, so if you decide to pursue this you’d need to have an attorney look over the contract for you. Can I go back to the dealership with the pre-approval I already had and pay the difference in cash?
And could they charge me the extra 200$’s from here on out when in the contract that I signed I never agreed to any insurance clause? I never contacted the company I had the pre-approval through to tell them I had already gotten the car. So the dealership followed me to my house at 11pm to have my father sign the papers of the new lease.
About 1-2 weeks later, the financial manager at the dealer says VW didn’t approve the loan and they need more proof of income.
They have been texting and calling me telling me to come and get the car because it was mine.
By this time, they had already posted my trade in for sale on their website and even changed the cooling system. If they have been telling me that I have been approved then why did I get 4 notices in the mail?
My lease agreement is 10k miles for each 4 years and $400 a month, with an $11K residual value.

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