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On 30 March 1933, the SS—the paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party—borrowed a passenger car from the Regensburg-based company Edmund Jacobi Nachfolger. On 1 April, the NSDAP declared a nationwide boycott of Jewish offices, law firms, and medical practices. Edmund Jacobi Nachfolger, a liqueur company established in 1886, was owned by the Jewish Binswanger family and run by Alfred Binswanger (1860–1933). I hereby confirm that I have received a car with the license plate II E 4134 on loan from the Regensburg company Edmund Jacobi Nachfolger.
Acknowledgement of receipt for a car borrowed from the company Edmund Jacobi Nachfolger, Regensburg, 30 March 1933 Gift of Danny L. The Binswangers, a Jewish manufacturing family, originally came from the Swabian town of Osterberg, and later settled in Augsburg.

The papers of the Binswanger family were donated to the Jewish Museum Berlin in 2010 by one of the family’s descendants, Danny L. Augsburg headquarters of the liqueur producer Jacob Binswanger & Cie., 1920–1938 Gift of Danny L. According to the acknowledgement of receipt issued by the SS squad leader, the vehicle was to be used for patrol duty “to protect the local Jewry.” The real purpose of the loan is hidden behind the seemingly innocent phrasing. These measures were enacted a few days earlier in Regensburg, and it is likely that the SS wanted to use the car in this period.
On the same day he was forced to lend his car to the SS, Alfred Binswanger was arrested together with more than 120 other Jewish businessmen.
The Regensburg auxiliary police will use the car for patrol duty to protect the local Jewry.

In 1838, while still in Osterberg, Jacob Binswanger established the family’s first business, called Jacob Binswanger & Cie.
Knowledge of liqueur production was passed down from generation to generation in the family. In the following decades, the parent company was joined by branches in Munich and Regensburg—including the liqueur factory run under the name of Edmund Jacobi Nachfolger.

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