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Find the best Fresno bank rates, including CD rates, savings rates, mortgage rates and auto loan rates.
When it comes to buying a home, the mortgage loan and rates acquired are critical in ensuring affordability. Pacific Service Credit Union members who qualify for the APR with the establishment can also take advantage of an amazing 2.625% rate. Pacific Service Credit Union was founded in 1936 by employees of Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Pacific Service Credit Union has nearly 70,000 members and has surpassed $1 billion in assets. Refinancing a property is usually an expensive proposition that entails costly appraisals as well as fees that can add up to thousands of dollars, which often hold home owners back from reworking their loans to take advantage of dropping interest rates. With that in mind, Scotiabank recently launched the “Switch your Mortgage” program, offering property owners the chance to change the terms of their Federal Housing Administration-backed loan sans the burden of having to pay closing costs, which Scotiabank will cover up to $10,000. Carlos Mantaras, vice president of sales at Scotia Mortgage, explained that the program is designed for people looking to improve their economic situation by refinancing a property that is lacking equity to cover the associated expenses. Through the program, customers with existing FHA loans can apply for a new FHA loan with a lower interest rate, 4.5 percent, through what is known as a streamlining process.
The second option allows customers with conventional loans to completely rework their financing terms and switch to an FHA loan. Scotiabank launched the “Switch your Mortgage” program last Wednesday in Puerto Rico, after successfully introducing the offer in Canada, the Dominican Republic, the British Virgin Islands and Jamaica. About News is my BusinessNews is my Business is designed to be a tool that our island’s opinion-makers and leaders can rely on to make quick and smart decisions about their businesses and their economic futures.
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had deregulated the interest rate offered on Savings Account by banks in October 2011.
Yes Bank has the second best offering at 7% for balance above 3 lakh and 7% for all others.
Four small banks Kotak Mahindra Bank, Indusind Bank, Bandhan Bank and Lakshmi Vilas Bank are offering interest rates of 4.25% to 6% depending on your balance of savings account.
Tax Efficient: Also in Budget 2012 Finance Minister had exempted interest income up to Rs 10,000 from Savings Account every financial year under section 80TTA. The next question is should you go to these banks to get benefit of enhanced interest rates on savings account?
If you are someone who has a large balance in savings account you might want to opt for accounts offering higher interest rates.
Even if you have higher balance in your account, do you want to get an additional account and keep a track of all the new charges banks impose on accounts. If you are in 30% tax bracket then it makes sense to have some money in savings account yielding higher interest rates than rush for short term Fixed Deposit. Most banks offer sweep in facility where the amount in excess of pre specified automatically goes into fixed deposit. Lakshmi Vilas Bank to offer 4% interest to its Saving Account customers maintaining up to Rs 1 lakh balance, 5% for balance between Rs 1 to 5 lakhs and 6% for balance above Rs 5 Lakhs. Yes Bank has changed the minimum balance slab for offering 7% interest rate on savings account.
Lakshmi Vilas Bank to offer 5% interest to its Saving Account customers maintaining Rs 1 lakh balance calculated on daily basis.
The interest on Saving Account is paid based on the the daily closing balance in the account. I really doubt if there would be increase in savings bank account interest rate going forward until we have some new banks.

Higher interest on savings account matter to people who have substantial amount in their savings account. Other than the banks listed above all other banks offer 4% on saving account – including Axis Bank. A total eclipse of the Sun has not been seen in the continental USA for nearly two generations. Although people may opt for the longer durations in eastern regions of the USA, poorer weather prospects here suggest going west. Prudence may suggest observing from regions of good weather prospects with shorter durations than locations with longer durations that have higher probabilities of not seeing the eclipse at all. Currently maximum total eclipse durations are declining with the 2009 July eclipse longest of the 21st Century.
Finally, maximum duration of a total solar eclipse occurs only on the center line of the eclipse path about mid-way between its ends.
Read about the Eclipse at Madras, Oregon including circumstance of the eclipse in Part  4. Get advice for managing credit cards, building your credit history and improving your credit score. It remains committed to serving its members, ensuring they have access to amazing financial products and services, including loans.
Luckily, Pacific Service offers the best of both worlds, offering qualified borrowers a fantastic 2.835% APR. The actual rate received will be determined after receipt of the application and prior to execution of final loan documents. Membership was originally limited to PG&E employees, but has since expanded to anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Alameda, Contra Costa, Fresno, Marin, Napa, Placer, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma in California.
Additionally, interest rates are based on the institution’s online published rates and may have changed since this offer was posted. These days, scores of homeowners are paying for homes that are worth less than what they owe as a result of tanking property values. This procedure does not require appraising the property and allows refinancing the outstanding balance of the current loan without the burden of closing costs, he said. This alternative requires appraising the property, but in turn, the applicant is allowed to include the FHA’s required mortgage insurance premium — equivalent to 1 percent of the value of the loan — in the payment plan. The offer will be valid through March 18, with a loan-closing deadline of April 15, Mantaras said. It was expected then that a lot of banks would compete for this and offer competitive rates. So there would be situations where people in higher tax bracket would be better off by putting money in Savings Account than doing Fixed Deposit. From April 1, 2015 7% interest would only be offered for balance above Rs 3 lakhs while below Rs 3 lakh will continue to get 6%. I have Rs.1 Lakh in my bank account, should I keep it as it is in my account or should i get a fixed deposit of it ?
In case you do not keep much money in savings account, the higher interest is of little use. Bankrate may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on certain links posted on this website. A seven minute duration will not happen again until 2150 June (7m14s) while a total eclipse with a duration near maximum is nearly two centuries in the future. Not until 2078 will total eclipse durations begin to increase when Saros cycle 139 begins to bring eclipses of longer and longer durations.

This position may often be difficult to access as it was, for example, during the 2012 November Australia eclipse.
We ask that you stay focused on the story topic, respect other people's opinions, and avoid profanity, offensive statements, illegal contents and advertisement posts. Please refer to Bankrate's privacy policy for more information regarding Bankrate's privacy practices. Please contact the financial institution for the most recent rate updates and to review the terms of the offer.
But unfortunately there are just a handful banks which have offered higher interest rates while all others are still struck up at 4%.
But remember the interest earned in sweep in account is fully taxable as your interest income from fixed deposit. Please consult a qualified financial planner and do your own due diligence before making any investment decision. Although eclipse durations have their maximum values along points on the central line, these durations diminish with increasing distance from the central line. Almost half are approximately three minutes or less (as will be with the 2017 August eclipse).
This will not happen until the remarkable 2186 July total eclipse (7m29s), the longest duration of totality during the years -2000 to +4000.
For this eclipse, maximum duration was 4m02s over the central Pacific Ocean and not the Australian mainland. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon's disk is not large enough to hide the entire solar disk at maximum eclipse. Unfortunately, this long duration will take place about 400 mi (640 km) east of South America in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 mi (800 km) north of the equator.
Fortunately, greatest duration for the 2017 August eclipse does occur over the mainland USA. Totality is a two minute eclipse on the West Coast with the east coast having 34 seconds more.
Thus, western location may again have an advantage since summer storms tend to build during afternoon hours, a common occurrence during summer months.
The duration of totality decreases slowly at first with the distance from the central line of totality then increases rapidly. Although much less spectacular than total solar eclipses, central durations are often much longer.
Please avoid posting private or confidential information, and also keep in mind that anything you post may be disclosed, published, transmitted or reused. The approximate range in altitude of the Sun in degrees during the eclipse is also shown for both west and east regions. For example, at a distance of 60% away from the central line to the edge of totality, the duration is still 80% of maximum. Even if the fractional distance from the central line is one half, the loss in duration is only about 15%. We do not permit the inclusion of hyperlinks in comments and may remove any comment that includes a hyperlink. Hence, observers usually do not need to be exactly on the central line to experience most of the duration of totality.

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