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Le port de Ploumanac'h, sur  la Cote de Granit Rose offre une escale de charme aux plaisanciers. It may be the smallest engine in the range but it’s arguably the cleverest as it features Cylinder on Demand (or CoD) technology. A neat trick, and all the more impressive because it’s more or less impossible to feel the system at work from behind the wheel. That’s partly because it’s a very smooth and quiet engine in general, even when all four cylinders are being called upon for heavy acceleration. The Audi A3 Saloon is offered in two trim levels and the car tested here is in the lower Sport trim (the other, more expensive one is called S line). Standard kit on the Sport includes 17-inch alloys, dual-zone climate control and the smart colour screen for the multimedia and information systems, which slides neatly out of the dashboard on start-up. It’s just one feature of a smart, elegant interior that’s one of the finest on the market today. The driver’s seat adjusts manually and has an excellent range of movement, including the angle of the seat base and a pull-out section to provide extra under-thigh support on long journeys.
Rear passengers will be happy too as there’s plenty of leg room in the back, enough for a tall adult to sit comfortably behind an equally tall driver.
As with most Audis, there are plenty of options available at extra cost and a selection were fitted to our test car. The most expensive was the Xenon light package at ?1,250, which may be pricey but certainly did light up the road very well.

Also fitted was an upgraded Audi sound system at ?255 which did sound good but became a little muddy at higher volumes. Our test car was equipped with Audi’s clever S Tronic automatic transmission, which uses two clutches for very fast and smooth shifts. One slight criticism is that throttle response is a little abrupt from standstill; when setting off it’s best to let the car creep for a moment before pressing the throttle to avoid making an accidental racing start. This A3 was fitted with the softer suspension option and ride quality was very good indeed – not always the case with Audis. In fact, the main criticism that can be levelled at the A3 saloon is the power steering system, which tries to be too clever for its own good. You can adjust the weight and responsiveness of the steering via the A3’s standard ‘Drive Select’ modes, but in none of the settings does it just feel normal. A booted version of the A3 hatch this may be but it has the character and presence of a larger saloon.
Apart from its natural rival, the Mercedes CLA, its classy interior and build quality mean it could even be a competitor for larger saloons such as the Lexus IS or a cut-price alternative to its A4 sibling. As for trim level, if you’re happy to live without a few bits of extra aluminium trim and S Line badges the Sport trim is the smarter buy – it costs less, rides better on its smaller wheels and looks nearly as good. The Audi A3 saloon 1.4 TFSI Sport is an understated, quietly confident car with plenty going for it.
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Despite that refinement, the 138bhp powerplant can really get a move on when it needs to and has more than enough performance for UK roads. While you’re unlikely to match the 1.4 TFSI’s claimed average every day it’ll still be an economical steer. An attractively uncluttered layout, high-quality materials and superb fit and finish make it a very nice place to be. Other highlights include heated front seats (?260), an SD-based sat-nav system integrated with the display screen (?495), rear parking sensors (?345) and cruise control (?225) – which, frankly, you’d really expect to be standard on a car like this. At the time of writing it costs an extra ?1,480 over the standard six-speed manual gearbox. As standard it’s fitted with a relatively firm ‘sports’ setup, while a softer setting is available as an alternative at no extra cost.
It certainly doesn’t mean your A3 will turn into a wallowing barge – our test car was a very well-balanced and composed car to drive. It’s priced towards the bottom of the A3 saloon range but for many drivers it could be the pick of the bunch.

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