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The spreadsheet is easy to use and navigate; required parameters are highlighted, and drop-down menus let you change the payment frequency and compounding period.
This tool also generates a payment schedule, giving the date of each payment (and the interest and principal paid of every payment, and the balance). So what this this auto payment calculator do better than the other calculators you can find littering the Internet?
This alters the amount of each payment, and the total interest paid at the end of the loan.
This article describes how this spreadsheet calculates interest payments (the article is targeted at mortgages, but the theory and math is exactly the same).
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From crash bars to sturdy aluminum belly pans, SW-Motech offers a wide range of guards for pretty much any part of the bike that may be damaged when leaving the (relative) safety of the asphalt-paved road.
Of course, one of the chunkiest segments of the catalog section dedicated to the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin comprises luggage systems, arguably the strongest card up SW-Motech's sleeve. Tank bags and tail bags of various sizes and shapes are also on the list, as well as the TRAX aluminum side- and topcases and corresponding carriers. SW-Motech might very well be a one-stop shop for the Africa Twin riders who wants to equip their bike for the adventure of a lifetime or simply make that bike vacation more comfy and rewarding. Even if you've laid out the details of the next bike trip you plan to make this summer, re-evaluating how much more functional your Africa Twin can be is well worth the time, just as checking out the CRF1000L-dedicated SW-Motech catalog is. You can also investigate how changing your loan conditions (such as the payment frequency or the term) affects the payment.
Reputed German adventure specialists SW-Motech surface a full line of accessories dedicated to the new liter-class Africa Twin.

Rear brake reservoir and chain guards are also on the list, as well as a chain guard extension, bar risers, or a skid plate extension for the center stand, they all can be had, too. From the classic tarpaulin watertight roll-closure roll packs to the modern Quick-Lock systems, SW-Motech has something for everyone. Mounts for action cameras, GPS navigation units, and comfort cushions for both rider and passenger can also be bought from SW-Motech, plus various handguards, mirror extensions, various handguards and all.

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