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A favorable car accident report can help you get more money from your auto insurance settlements.
Accident Description From Driver 1Driver #1 states that she was traveling east on Green Street and stopped waiting to enter Route 9 South when her vehicle was struck in the rear by Vehicle 2. Driver #2 then looked forward and at this time he saw vehicle #1 still stopped and he applied his brakes but could not stop in time.
For example, you may have taken some pictures at the car accident scene that point out a detail the police reports missed.

You can offer the officers some alternative explanation of what actually caused the accident. Understanding which sections to focus on in the car accident report can help you get more money for your car damages and personal injury settlements.
After Car Accidents is a free resource to help the average person have a chance at getting a fair settlement. About UsFund Capital America is California’s leading personal injury plaintiff lawsuit funding specialist.

Our years of experience with the personal injury legal process led us to develop a Financial Relief Program that assists both the plaintiff and the law firm in obtaining funds to cover the plaintiff’s everyday expenses until their case settles. If the other driver has repeatedly been involved in collisions, it certainly doesn't portray him as a safe driver.

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