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A blank employment application form is important as it assists applicants be aware of what they will require when applying for a job. The form has to be filled for the applicant to be able to grasp what is needed by a potential employer. You can Download the Blank Employment Application Form, customize it according to your needs and Print.
Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Many people have a desire to pursue their education but finances can be a limitation in some cases. The applicant has to pass a particular criterion that is set by the institution or organization.
You can Download the Scholarship Application Form, customize it according to your needs and Print.
Innovations like the chain’s relatively new Eco-Restaurants continue to keep the restaurant as fresh as its menu, and the “Eat Fresh, Live Green” campaign is put into action at the fourteen Eco-restaurant sites.  With catering options of party platters and eight-foot-long sandwiches, Subway has become the destination of choice for diners who want a healthy meal in short order.
Subway restaurants can be found in all kinds of locations, especially since the 1989 opening of the first Subway restaurant located inside a grocery store.
The sprawling restaurant is systematically searching for candidates that can keep up with the fast-paced environment of a Subway restaurant job. You can search for Subway careers on StartWire, Jobapplications, or any other website dedicated to helping job-seekers find a good work-place. Every Subway job opening has a corresponding Subway job application form accessible from the website’s “Careers” page.  The first step of a Subway application form is the creation of an online login and profile, which you will be able to use for multiple applications if you wish, as well as for checking on the status of the applications you already submitted. Depending on the local labor laws and the discretion of the individual franchise owner, the Subway application is often open to applicants as young as sixteen, but some locations only hire adults of eighteen or older.  This is because they have to complete very difficult physical tasks, or they require qualified training and experience for a position. A legal assistant or administrative assistant needs a high school diploma or GED, as well as proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.  An IT specialist will require an MTA certificate and experience in the field. Let’s take a look at the most popular Subway careers that are generally available across the country. Subway Sandwich Artist: This is without a doubt the most popular and easy to obtain Subway career.
Subway Management Position: Like most other companies, Subway prefers to promote managers from within. Managers are supposed to interview and hire new associates, create their schedules and organize events or special promotions.
From the “Careers” page of the Subway website, you can choose categories of headquarters jobs, local restaurant jobs, or regional jobs(for example, Long Island, Jersey, NYC city etc.). As you view the list of posted job positions, you can click on any job title to read a detailed job description, including responsibilities and requirements, and a link to the Subway application online form for that position.  Each job description also has an email link, so you can “send this job to a friend”–or to yourself if you’re keeping a list of likely possibilities. What you should keep in mind, however, is the fact that you have to enter your address on the website to view all locations near you, beforehand. To view the in-restaurant job applications, you need to install a “Silverlight” plug-in, which can be downloaded from the application page.
Applicants who wish to talk to the manager face-to-face about Subway employment must attend the franchise in a semi-formal attire. The Subway Interview process is traditional, and it usually consists of a one-to-one session with a store manager. Subway hiring managers are interested in the candidates’ employment history, relevant skills, personality and ability to work as part of a team. Subway’s online University of Subway offers a comprehensive training program which can be used as a training resource for employees looking to move up within the ranks of the company. Qualified employees will also gain access to financial benefits such as retirement plans, life insurance health-care insurance and other perks.
Subway offers social connections through their Facebook page and Twitter feed, highlighting special deals and discounts, menu updates, and contests and prizes.  For connections on the go, the company also offers a mobile version of its website, easily viewed on a hand-held Smart Phone. The “Subway Gear” online shop sells Subway logo items ranging from fleece jackets to baseball hats and knit hats, t-shirts, baby gear, key chains and pens, and other clothing and novelty items. The “Subway Kids” website (with a related “Grownups” resource page) promotes healthy living and eco-consciousness with games and prizes designed for kids. Subway’s menu and marketing continue to focus on healthful choices, offering “Fresh Fit” choices (including a Fresh Fit kids’ menu), salads, and detailed nutritional information available on the website.  There is a specific information page for those with dietary restrictions, to help them assess what foods fit their requirements due to food allergies, gluten intolerance, or religious restrictions. Subway celebrity Jared Fogle made a splash by undertaking (on his own–not as a paid stunt) to lose weight on a Subway-only diet several years ago.  He successfully dropped two hundred and forty pounds before being brought to the notice of the Subway company, who have hired him to represent the company as a spokesperson in advertising campaigns and philanthropic ventures. Subway’s philanthropic commitments include involvement at a national level with United Way, Habitat for Humanity, March of Dimes, Junior Achievement, the American Heart Association, and American Red Cross. As it has expanded across the globe, Subway has tailored the Subway experience to the cultural needs of the countries where it operates.  For example, in majority Muslim countries, the menus don’t include pork, and in largely Hindu India, the menu doesn’t include beef. The Subway Core Values highlight Family, Teamwork, and Opportunity–values which are put into operation at every location. In 1975, the Subway training headquarters opened, training employees and franchisees on the business model, menu, and operations of Subway restaurants. The transit-theme of decor first debuted in a New York restaurant in 1980, and can now be found in Subway restaurants around the world. Awards won by Subway include the gold award from Restaurants and Institutions magazine in the sandwich category, Restaurant Business magazine’s Silver Skillet award, Global Finance magazine’s award for Best Franchise in North America, QSR magazine’s award for best use of space as well as best grassroots giving, and the Nation’s Restaurant News award for best menu extension.  A research firm called Sandelman and Associates rated Subway at the top of national fast food chains for its healthful and nutritious foods. The Subway website’s “Freshbuzz” page includes highlights of famous fans (and their favorite Subway sandwiches), YouTube videos, and up-to-date news and special offers.  Subway fans can register on the website to receive an electronic newsletter full of coupons, discounts, and juicy tidbits of news (alongside descriptions of juicy tidbits from the menu). The owner of the Subway service mark and franchiser of the Subway system itself is the corporation named Doctor’s Associates, Inc.  This name was chosen early on in the restaurant’s history, as a nod to the two partners’ doctoral status (Dr. Get updated when new and high paying jobs become available in your area before anyone else! You can Download the Police Application Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Walmart Stores, Inc., globally perform businesses as warehouse membership clubs, superstores and discount department stores along with several outlets.

The departmental store is proud to serve 200 million customers and corporate clients every week. History: Samuel Walton, owner of this brand name, established the store in order to provide excellent customer service, work environment and products at cheaper costs. Presence: Walmart in international market functions over 4,000 different sites in 14 countries, such as Argentina, China, Honduras, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, United Kingdom, Guatemala, El Salvador, India, Japan, Mexico and Nicaragua. Additional Services: This retail chain departmental store satisfies its customers and clients by manufacturing a variety of durable products and services. Community Initiatives: In terms of serving communities, the brand is seriously indulged in various social and corporate events. Environmental Initiatives: The Walmart Corporation besides helping societies also cares a lot for the environment.
As a leading international retail store, currently 2 million employees are associated with it. Cashier: As a cashier, you will be highly responsible to manage all the cash transactions on daily basis.
Sales Associate: This is again an entry level job position which includes duties, such as assisting store guests and stocking up all products.
Greeter: The main role of greeter at Walmart is to greet all the customers and corporate clients visiting the stores. Management: People coming under the management level need to daily check and operate store operations. All employees in this company are employed with plenty of on the job benefits, such as flexibility in work schedule, industry-competitive pay and paid job training.
Applicants want to successfully clear all rounds of interview at Walmart, should do research study regarding company information and several other general topics. Subway sandwich shops can now be found inside hospitals, grocery stores and superstores, airports, amusement parks, train stations, university buildings, gas stations, convenience stores, hotels, high school cafeterias, and other convenient locations for hungry diners.
But before you rush to send in your Subway application, there are a few things you should know about. Entry-level positions are usually available for individuals who know how to (or are willing to learn how to) prepare submarine sandwiches. Many Subway restaurants are franchises, and some of them (the vast majority) accept paper job applications.
Check with the specific location for which you intend to submit a Subway online application in order to find out the requirements of that individual operation. A bookkeeper needs a bachelor’s degree in accounting and at least two years of experience in accounting or bookkeeping.
The great thing about working as a sandwich artist at Subway is the excellent opportunities for career advancement.
Nevertheless, every so often, it will look for outsiders that can take on the responsibilities of the store.
In each of those categories you can browse the posted jobs or search for specific jobs, and access the Subway application online for any that interest you. In an employment market where different business owners make you spend almost an hour filling out their questions and tests, Subway takes a different approach.
Job hopefuls must demonstrate to the manager that they are truly interested in a job by following-up regularly and displaying a positive, upbeat attitude.
You should know that quick and simple represent two of the core values of Subway, so you should receive a response in a matter of days.
The interview will take place in the dining area of the restaurant, and it can last anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour. Most interview questions address the problem of operating a sandwich chain, and try to point out the company’s core values. Scholarship opportunities for 2013 and 204 were also available this year, for certain locations, and they will most certainly be available in the future. Other non-wage benefits include paid time off, discounted meals, and union membership cards. The “Seven Under Six” menu, introduced in 1997, added seven sandwiches to the menu, each of which had fewer than six grams of fat. At the local level, individual Subway franchise restaurants donate time and funds to community organizations, schools, and local causes.
In 1986, the breakfast menu was added, accompanied by extended hours to serve the morning diners.
Dedicated fans can also sign up for Freshbuzz mobile alerts to have deals and messages sent directly to their phones by text message.
Pete) and doctor hopes (in the case of Fred, who started the whole business as a way to fund his medical school).  Fred DeLuca never did get around to starting medical school–but he has contributed to the health and well-being of millions of people around the world with his fresh restaurant menu.
The applicant is required to fill in basic information about themselves that will assist the police force know the applicant better. For the 2012 fiscal year, the brand has planned to achieve targeted sale above $444 billion. Walmart as a brand globally operates using several different banners like Todo Dia, Despensa Familiar and Pali. You can shop here for home appliances, toys, clothing, furniture, sporting goods, gardening, cosmetics, stationery, toiletries, jewellery, baby and pet needs electronics, books, food and photographic equipment, etc. An organization known as The Walmart Foundation is supporting those communities which are taking care of retail store chains.
The company on regular basis appoint entry as well as middle level professionals in their company. After get this post, you will have to help customers in their purchases and making payments.
Other tasks are answering questions, checking expiration dates, finishing additional jobs as assigned and organizing displays. Positions which are designated as management post includes: Department supervisor, assistant manager and store manager, etc.

Whether you are a new appointment or holding experience, you are eligible for store uniforms and nametags, free meals, and other striking advantages. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you. In 2004, a Subway restaurant even opened inside a church in Buffalo, New York–the church’s pastor is the franchise owner, and uses the restaurant as a training venue for people who need to learn job skills.
This means that the company is constantly hiring qualified, as well as entry-level applicants for various full and part-time arrangements.
Let’s take a look at the basic interview tricks, tips for applying job responsibilities, benefits and salaries,to help you get a better picture prior to sending in your job application.
This job is also known under the name of “sandwich artist”, and it can be filled by any candidate, regardless of experience or former experience.
Other entry-level Subway jobs include programmers, shipping clerks, customer support, and entry-level marketing.
The job description and duties of a sandwich artist include providing excellent customer service and preparing food. If you want to be considered for an administrative position you must have at least one year of experience with a restaurant. You should be able to complete the Subway application, job and employment form in approximately 10 minutes.
If you want to follow-up on the status of your application and you are eager to start working at Subway, you should give a call to your nearest restaurant and politely ask the hiring staff or manager if he had the time to go through your application. There are cases where Subway jobs require two interviews but the first one is usually very short. Of course, nothing can beat the satisfaction which comes with a challenging and fast-paced working environment.
Out of these three divisions, Wal-Mart Stores are the prime section producing almost 67.3% of the total business alone every year. Before caring for store guests, the company first provide quite a lot of employment benefits to its employees.
The store has started reducing its waste outputs, doing research on its environmental impact and controlling its energy expenditure.
Your chief duties are to checking prices, answering questions, operating registers, credit card machines and handling large sum of money.
Sales associates again receive a minimum pay of $8-$10 for every hour they spent in the store.
Generally organization call employee references and uses job portals for appointing the deserving individuals. Ask yourself: “Are there any Subway restaurants hiring near me?” If any particular one springs to mind, just head down there and enquire about available positions. The entry-level candidate must handle orders, prepare submarine sandwiches according to the client’s wishes and also maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant. Of course, to be considered for such a position one must have some degree of education and experience.
In general, the review process for documents will last a day, and eligible candidates will receive a call back extremely fast. Employment opportunities are available for enthusiastic job hopefuls who hope for a better future.
Most online reviews praise the friendliness of Subway staff, so you should have no problem fitting in and making new friends.
The foundation also collects for charities for fighting hunger, providing scholarships for students and aiding military veterans. Walmart leads many environmental events and post online coverage for its regular customers and clients. More sparkling facilities includes 401(k) retirement plan, accident insurance, long and short term disability, healthcare coverage, paid time off for holidays, personal days, vacation, prescription drug plans, stock purchasing programs and jury duties.
An assistant manager’s responsibility is to oversee food preparation and assign different tasks to team-members. There are also managers who enjoy better pays because they proved their worth to the company. He might not have gotten the chance to look through your application but you don’t want to make him throw it away by being annoying on the phone.
The company performs duties on three basic principles: 1) Service to Our Customers, 2) Respect for the Individual and 3) Strive for Excellence. The organization has been awarded several times for its effortless contribution towards communities. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, a leading and prestigious public sector organization is looking for the talented, qualified, and competent individuals for appointment against the posts mentioned below. The corporation understands that it would not be able to offer impeccable services without first creating a pleasant and motivating working environment for its workers.
Then download the Subway application PDF, fill it out and submit it to your closest Subway. PAEC offers competitive and bright career opportunities and prospects under conducive working environment with attractive salary and fringe benefits.
So those who posses following qualifications and experience may apply for the vacant post.The vacant post for which you can apply areSr.
Degree of 04 years duration adter the intermediate in the relevant field will be considered at par with equivalent master degree.Candidates already employed in Govt.
Organizations may apply only though proper channel.Only the candidates who fullfill prescribed eligibility criteria may apply.

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