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A mortgage loan is a loan for the purchase of a property and secured on the property that you buy. There are different eligibility requirements for various types of property purchases, so it’s a good idea to look at your eligibility first. For those interested buying public housing and getting a HDB Concessionary loan, HDB will require all potential flat buyers to first obtain an HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter. The ratio uses a calculation of your total monthly debt obligations, such as those of existing car loans, credit facilities and other debt obligations.
This is the amount of loan taken out on a property in relation to its value expressed as a percentage. Given the tighter credit conditions set by the Singapore government in recent years, banks will also do a credit check on your financial situation so as to be sure you are in a clean bill of financial health.
As a general guideline, your monthly home loan instalment and other long term debts such as car loans should not take up more than 35 percent of your gross monthly income.
80% – Downpayment typically consists of 5 percent in cash with the balance 5 percent using CPF savings, CPF housing grant or cash when signing the Agreement for lease.
60% or 40% – For those eligible for a lower loan ceiling, you are expected to pay an upfront downpayment of 10 percent in cash, and the remaining 10 percent during keys collection. The outcome of the AIP could be as fast as an hour and the validity period of the AIP varies between 14 to 60 days. Understand more about mortgages and feel comfortable comparing the different rates and providers in Singapore, then what are you waiting for compare mortgages today! Enjoy convenience with your new DBS Live Fresh 3-in-1 card with Credit, ATM and EZ-Link capabilities.

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Cinthiaa€‹ Elias thought she was going crazy when she could not find her car after finishing a Pilates class last Tuesday.
Mrs Elias and her husband Roly had purchased the car last year through the now-suspended and liquidated Gasoline Machine Pty Ltd, the Alexandria-based automotive business being investigated for failing to deliver at least $600,000 to customers in consignment deals.The company was the subject of a public warning from NSW Fair Trading not to deal with the director of Gasoline Machine, Matthew Hale, or the sole director of Gasoline Australia (NSW) Pty Ltd, Jason Leppa. However, the Elias' are among the first victims to have had their car repossessed after unknowingly purchasing a vehicle for which Gasoline Machine allegedly had not paid."We contacted the broker we dealt with at the time of purchase from Gasoline Machine. At the time of purchasing the car for $43,000, Mr and Mrs Elias paid $15,000 in cash to Gasoline Machine and borrowed the remaining amount through a financing arrangement with ANZ. Your total monthly repayment instalments for all debt obligations must not exceed a TDSR of 60 percent. For loans used to finance the purchase of public housing, the monthly mortgage repayment instalment cannot exceed 30 percent of a borrower’s gross monthly income. There are a number of CPF Housing Grant that can save you up to a five-figure sums so why not do a bit of homework to take advantage of these freebies? You will need to pay a 10 percent downpayment on HDB loans and you can use a variety of methods for the payment, including cash, CPF savings as well as utilising the CPF Housing Grant.

One of the most important function of the AIP is that it gives you an idea of the loan quantum you are eligible for and the monthly repayment amount. During this period, you will need to submit various financial documents for banks to assess your credit history and make a formal offer. Do note that an AIP is non-binding for both the applicant and the financier so you are allowed to change banks or loan packages  even after obtaining an approval-in-principle loan from a particular bank. He confirmed that the previous owner of the vehicle had the car financed by Volkswagen Financial Services," Mrs Elias said.
If Volkswagen have encumbrance first then that voids ANZ's."After issuing legal assistance last Friday, Mrs Elias had the car returned to her on Wednesday morning.
Before we pry into the details of how mortgage loans work, it is important to first determine your eligibility, the affordability of the property as well as get ready a loan-approval in principle.
This will provide prior information on your loan eligibility quantum and monthly instalment to ensure you are able to service the loan without overstretching your finances. Eligibility for application of both bank loans and HDB loans will take into consideration other eligibility criteria such as a minimum income, residency status as well as age limit. You will also be able to split up the total into two payments – 5 percent at the time of signing of Agreement for lease and the balance at the time of keys collection.
This helps you to zero in on a property that you can afford and not waste time viewing the ones that are out of your budget.

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