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Two Bombardier 415 Super Scoopers and an Erickson S-64 Air-Crane Helitanker arrived Wednesday night at Van Nuys Airport from Quebec to bolster Los Angeles County Fire Department’s efforts against wildfires. Capable of carrying up to 1,620 gallons of water, SuperScoopers can also scoop water from a lake in only 12 seconds, get airborne in as little as five minutes and fly three hours before refueling. The acquistions mark the county’s 19th year of contracting with the Super Scoopers and the eighth year with the Erickson Helitanker.

The most threatened regions of Southern California this season are those areas which have not been affected by any wildfires in recent seasons, Rose added.
Empire and Commonwealth Museum is under construction in the famous Brunel railshed in Bristol.
NEW YORK (AP) — Winnie-the-Pooh and friends Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga and Tigger are celebrating a new lease on their New York City life after enjoying many adventures together.The original toys are looking refreshed after more than a year of much needed repairs by a textile conservator.

They're going back on display Wednesday at the New York Public Library, where they've resided since 1987.An English boy, Christopher Robin Milne, was their original owner.

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