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Land Loan Specialists provides financing for real estate purchases and the refinance of Farm Loans, Ranch Loans, Hunting Land Loans, Agricultural Loans, Farm Real Estate Loans and Land Loans in the following 13 states including Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Arkansas. We are very proud of not only our (A+) Better Business Bureau Rating, but also the Land Loan Specialists  Testimonials our clients continue to email us! Getting an agricultural land loan requires a wealth of information, and it is invaluable for a borrower to know what a lender is looking for. These five factors help the land lenders determine a borrower’s risk for defaulting on a land loan.
Q: When considering a loan application, how do the “Cs” apply in terms of what AgAmerica is looking for in a borrower? We do also consider capacity; however, we have a variety of lending products, so if a borrower is a little weaker in this category, AgAmerica usually can still work with the borrower to accomplish their goals. Q: How can agribusinesses improve the “Cs” of their operations to be more attractive to lenders? Jackie: Another important aspect is to maintain good character and good standing in your community. The person, under whose name land belongs to as per the land documents, is eligible to take the loan. People who own less than or equal to 5 acres of land have more benefits than the rest of the people.
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When searching for a mortgage for agricultural land, it is always important to talk to a mortgage broker to ensure that you are getting the appropriate mortgage for your situation.
The majority of mortgage companies restrict the number of acres that they are willing to include in the appraised value of an agricultural property when they are considering providing a mortgage. As with other types of properties, mortgage rates offered by agricultural mortgage lenders vary based on a variety of factors, which include the financial qualifications and credit worthiness of the borrower, current market conditions, mortgage type, the principal amount, and the equity value of the property. We offer two types of agricultural mortgages: a fixed mortgage and a variable rate mortgage.

If current mortgage interest rates are lower than your present mortgage interest rate, it may be wise to consider refinancing at the lower rate, even if you incur a penalty to pay out your present mortgage. Furthermore, you may be able to use the equity in your farm property for other purposes, such as debt consolidation, purchasing farming equipment, or even financing your child’s wedding or university education.
If you are interested in more information about an agricultural mortgage or refinancing your current mortgage with Unimor Capital Corporation, please contact one of our professional mortgage agents or submit an online mortgage application today. Unimor Capital Corporation will at all times represent to its clients and lenders fair and professional advice and services in the mortgage industry. AgAmerica Lending’s Chief Credit Officer, Jackie Toenes lends her considerable expertise in explaining the 5 Cs of Credit and how they apply to land lending below. The better or stronger an agribusiness’s 5 Cs, the lower their risk of default, and the more likely they will be approved for a loan. Hand in hand with collateral is capital; our ideal borrowers do need to have equity in their land.
AgAmerica is unique in that we have a variety of lending platforms and products to accommodate borrowers at almost any point along the spectrum for the other 4 Cs. Once we are comfortable with the collateral, AgAmerica will take a global look at each loan, taking all of the C’s into consideration.
As the country’s premier land loan specialists, we help agribusinesses big and small grow and prosper with our low interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit. Some states in India offer loan with no interest subjected to that, maximum loan amount is less than rupees 1,00,000. For example, if you have 5 acres of land, you will be eligible to take loan maximum of rupees 1 lakh only. Whenever loan amount gets credited to your account, you can immediately transfer to your other preferred bank if wish to. We are experts in working directly with farmers, ranchers and anyone wanting to purchase land for recreational purposes, such as hunting and fishing.
As long as the collateral is solid, we can generally provide a lending product to accomplish our borrower’s goals and dreams. Where other lenders look immediately to credit and capacity (often turning borrowers away), AgAmerica specializes in thinking outside the box.

If we see someone who has a history of not paying their creditors (regardless of circumstances), we are less inclined to move forward. Otherwise, you need keep on inquiring in the bank to know the status, and you must go to bank to withdraw your loan amount. Accept Policy for Using Cookies International Asset Bank AD uses cookies to make browsing of its internet page more functional and efficient, creating behavioral profiles of people to determine what content to display. Since we are Land Loan Specialists, we can provide you with the best rates for land loans with our competitive land loan financing rates. We like to really get to know our borrowers and who they are; how they run their operations during good times and bad.
However, we are very understanding of the ups and downs of farming and when borrowers have fallen on hard times. What are cookies and what are they used for?Cookies are kind of short-term memory for the Internet and represent small text files placed in the browser used by your device – computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. Our loan programs have a wide range of products from a low variable rate to a full 30 year fixed rate with everything in between. Cookies typically contain the name of the Web site to which they belong, the time period for which they are stored on the user's computer and a unique number.
They are widely used because they allow adjustment of website content to the preferences of the individual user, optimization of its handling and general collection of anonymous statistical information, which all help to improve the structure and content of the website. Types of cookies used by International Asset Bank ADInternational Asset Bank AD uses only one kind of cookies – temporary. Detailed information on the different ways to work with cookies can be found in the respective web browser’s settings.
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