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There are special rules which are a dramatic departure from the general rule that deductions for the cost of non-residential buildings, or improvements to the buildings, are allowed over a 39-year period. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, some of the leasehold improvements that you make qualify for favorable depreciation rules that don’t apply to most other building improvements. We are available to help you determine if your leasehold improvements meet the requirements.
Also, we can help you identify improvements that, although attached to the building, are, for depreciation purposes, considered to be machinery or equipment and, thus, qualify for depreciation periods considerably shorter than 15 years. Please contact us at your convenience if you are interested in taking advantage of the tax breaks for qualified leasehold improvement property. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Gavin Stebbing was invited to speak at Russell Cooke’s recent breakfast on commercial property law; looking at property investment and the risks and advantages of share acquisitions versus asset aquisitions.
Bright and early Tuesday morning, Gavin joined Jonathan Thornton and Katherine McClintock from Russell Cooke, to discuss the various options when making commercial property transactions.
If you are interested in attending future events like this, please contact Emilie with your details and get yourself added to the WSM mailing list.
With an educational background in accounting and finance, Jeni Dupre' is a great example of the caliber of professionals leading BETA. Is Coupe PC a professionally regulated company?Yes, we are fully regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Will our reserve funds be swallowed up into one large pot with all your other managed estates?Absolutely not.
Historically we’ve been charged hidden, unexpected fees by previous estate management companies. How easy is it to transfer the management of our estate to Coupe Property Consultants?Very; if you are currently self-managed we can take over the duties as soon as you instruct us.
How quickly can you begin working on our estate?As soon as we receive your instructions we will liaise with your current managing agents in order to ensure a smooth transition.
We require various insurances including Buildings, Directors’ & Officers cover, Engineering policies, Public Liability – can you arrange these for us?Yes, we regularly save our managed estates considerable amounts of money by reviewing and renewing their policies in more cost effective ways. What happens if there is an emergency outside of normal working hours?Unfortunately emergencies rarely occur between 9am – 5pm which is why emergency contact numbers are posted on your estate noticeboard and are provided to all owners, tenants and sub-tenants.

Our approved contractors are on call 24 hours a day and the Directors of your company will also hold emergency mobile numbers for a Director of Coupe Property Consultants.
Can Coupe Property Consultants be appointed as our Company Secretary?Yes, most of our clients choose to appoint us as their Company Secretary and list our office as the registered address. In doing so they are reassured that their Annual Returns and annual accounts are submitted correctly and on time to Companies House, thereby avoiding any financial penalties. For example, during a particularly harsh winter in 2013, one of our blocks suffered severe frost damage to high level stonework which resulted in substantial sections of stonework becoming dislodged and falling to ground.
On the day of the hearing Johanne met the panel at the property for a site visit and later that same day successfully presented their case at the LVT hearing. Our surveyors are passionate about engaging local, skilled craftsmen and promote the use of natural, sustainable materials wherever possible. When proposing or overseeing works we work closely with the local Conservation Officers and over many years have built a solid relationship with them.
1, 2014 (Jan 1, 2015 for certain projects) are generally eligible for 50% bonus depreciation.
1, 2014, can be depreciated over a 15-year period, meaning that the 50% of the cost of the property that isn’t deducted as bonus depreciation is depreciated in the placed-in-service-year and over the next 14 years. I will need to restate the prior years and this year.As Operating lease all I did was DR expense and CR cash for the minimum lease payment.1st what should be my adjustment entries to fix prior years? Jeni was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana and attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a concentration in accounting and finance.
Our Managing Director, Johanne Coupe, is also a Fellow of the RICS, with over 25 years’ experience in the industry.
How can you reassure us that this won’t happen again?Personal service is of the utmost importance to us.
If you currently have a managing agent, you simply need to serve them the required notice and we take care of the rest.
Our charges will only apply from the actual date of transfer however we will be working hard on your behalf prior to this date in order to ensure a seamless transfer. With our bulk purchasing strength we are able to secure sizable discounts not available to our competitors.
Our Managing Director is experienced in preparing applications, meeting with panel members on site visits and successfully presenting to various Tribunals, including the previous named LVT.

Due to the urgent nature of the repairs required, the Directors agreed with Johannes’ recommendation that she make an application to the LVT for dispensation from the statutory consultation procedure, which would have delayed works by at least two months. What experience do you have in managing historic buildings?Over a third of our managed estates are either Listed or Locally Listed. We remain conscious however that reserve funds are always limited and that such buildings inevitably have further requirements to fund. Our team are experienced in preparing successful applications and, where necessary liaising with various governing and advisory bodies. That means that 50% of the cost of the improvements can be deducted in the year that the improvements are placed in service (the placed-in-service year) before other depreciation for the placed-in-service year and later years is taken into account. She began her career with BETA Land Services in 2007 and has gained experience in multiple phases of land work throughout various states across the U.S. Every estate we manage has an individual, ring-fenced, client protected bank account held with HSBC. We endeavour to return your phonecall, email or letter the very same day whenever possible or on a Monday if received over a weekend. One of our first priorities will be to assess your current contractors and agree with your Directors which you would like to retain and which should be replaced. As Chartered Surveyors we take great pride in ensuring such buildings are not only maintained but brought back into their former glory in the most cost effective and sympathetic manner.
We are exceptionally proud of the high service we deliver and would be delighted if you considered joining us. Her experience includes Abstracting, Title Research, Curative, Due Diligence, Leasehold Trading, State Land Lease Negotiations, and Acquisitions and Project Management in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico. The Directors of your estate will receive regular reconciliation statements detailing income and expenditure during each accounting period. Occasionally works arise outside of the scope of our management agreement and should the Directors of your company choose to instruct us to act on their behalf we will agree a set fee structure for such additional works in advance.
Jeni is an active member of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) and the Young Professionals of Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition.

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