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Customers are looking for banking apps and if banks can provide them what they are looking for, they will have happy customers.
If you have a phone, smart phone or tablet, you might have downloaded a banking app to make payments or receive payments via a fenced geo payment app and already are using your banks, banking app.
You may link up to 10 devices so that you can access your Standard Bank accounts from any of your smart devices. Search for specific transactions and view your provisional, 30-day, 60-day and 90-day statements.
Send money to any other Standard Bank South Africa customer using just their cellphone number (if they are registered for Standard Bank's Mobile banking service) or their Standard Bank account number). Locate your nearest Standard Bank ATM, branch or AccessPoint and see a map of how to get there.
Quickly and easily calculate vehicle repayments, home loan repayments and home loan affordability.
Experience fully functional banking and a wide range of transactional capabilities with the Banking NedApp.
To access the Banking NedApp you will need to be a South African Nedbank online banking client.
Absa has officially launched its smartphone banking app, making it the last of South Africa’s major banks with such an offering. The app, which is available on Android and iOS, includes a number of traditional online banking features, as well as a GPS-based ATM locator and branch locator and the ability to send airtime or cash to people using the phone’s contacts.
Absa claims that the app’s launch means that its customers “can enjoy the speed and convenience of simple, intuitive payments and effortless navigation with fewer clicks to perform their banking transactions”. The banking giant also claims the app is the “first real, native financial services app for smartphones and tablets in South Africa available for both retail and business customers”.
The app provides access to a built-in video tutorial that is meant to assist customers on a “journey of learning”.

Absa’s smartphone banking app comes 18 months after FNB became the first major bank in the country to launch an app. Standard Bank and Nedbank meanwhile launched theirs within a couple of days of each other in mid 2012. With Absa Cellphone Banking, you can do more than just top up prepaid airtime and check your balances. Transform your cellphone into a mobile bank by joining more than one million Absa customers who use Cellphone Banking regularly. Personal loans are credit agreements between borrowers and creditors whereby the borrower is loaned an amount of money and is responsible for repaying it over a specified period of time. With personal loan calculators you are able to determine what you need, how long you have to pay it off and how much you will be expected to repay in total. To calculate how much your loan will cost, you will usually be required to enter the amount you would like to borrow. Some personal loan calculators will let you choose a loan amount, dependent on your affordability. What are the different types of debt consolidation loans available for the bad credit borrowers? Get a RCS offers personal loan that is from R1,000 to R100,000 and our interest rates are highly competitive, quick and paperless loans and you get the money in your account in 24-48 hours, with convenient telephonic applications. An RCS Loan is perfect for everything from home renovations to paying for education or a deposit on a new car.
Now even non FNB customers can transact on the FNB Banking App, this means that they can make or receive Geo Payments using eWallet on the App.
It is available for both individual and business customers and will permit multiple users in one household the ability to link into single device or to have one user connect their profile to multiple devices. You can also pay accounts, transfer funds, send money to any Absa ATM using CashSend, have a statement e-mailed or faxed to an address or number of your choice. This calculator essentially breaks down the monthly repayment figures you’ll be responsible for.

Before applying for a loan, you can log on to this website and calculate how much you may be roughly expected to repay.  You will need to contact the lending institution to find out what the accurate amount is.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Geo Payments is a location based person to person payments functionality where you can Find & Pay other App users, without their banking details. We can’t find anything from Absa’s official channels explaining why it might be useful either. Now you can also apply for a Personal Loan or Express Loan (a short term loan), and receive the money in less than 10 minutes if approved. The calculator will work out how much you will be required to repay, taking into account a certain interest rate. Remember that the loan amount that is calculated is an estimation, so it isn’t the final loan agreement amount. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Remember as a non FNB customer you need an FNB customer to make an initial payment into your eWallet in order to activate it. Or you can visit an FNB Easy Plan branch, with your South African ID, to register your eWallet and make deposits using the ADT machines.FNB banking app - Watch on Youtube.

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