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Medical Conditions & MedicationsThese can affect driving abilities, but you can reduce risks. Keep Your Mind & Body FitUnderstand the symptoms of decreased physical and mental fitness - and do something about them. Car Buying, Maintenance & Assistive AccessoriesA vehicle with special features can make a big difference.
Other Ways to Get AroundConsider public transportation, carpooling or volunteer driver programs.
Help Seniors Stay IndependentTransportation options when a senior is no longer able to drive.
Changes in vision, flexibility, strength, range of motion and even height are all part of the aging process, and they can affect senior drivers behind the wheel. Sit 10 inches away from the steering wheel to give the airbag the time and space it needs to expand in an impact.
Be able to see at least three inches over the top of the steering wheel, so you’ll have the proper range of vision. Wear your safety belt so the bottom strap fits low on your hips and the shoulder strap sits snugly across your chest and over the center of your shoulder. Be able to operate the accelerator and the brake without having to stretch your leg or lift your heel off the floorboard. Don’t try to fix position issues with things you have at home, like pillows and wooden blocks.
For those with limited hand mobility or arthritis, key extenders offer more leverage for turning keys in the door and ignition. Easy to store and carry, this product includes a safety belt cutter and side window breaker, and it can support up to 350 pounds. These devices do not work on vehicles that do not have a U-shaped striker on the door pillar. Swivel seat cushions work well for most drivers by reducing pain in the back, hips and knees.
Ideal for car seats, the seat cushion rotates, allowing the driver to smoothly transfer from a sitting to standing position, and vice versa. Although training on these devices is required, they can provide the opportunity for increased mobility to those with lower extremity injuries or paralysis. Convex panoramic rearview mirrors reduce blind spots simply by clipping onto your existing rearview mirror. This type of mirror is ideal for drivers who have limited neck mobility or a difficult time looking over their shoulder to perform a check of the blind spot. For drivers with neck mobility problems, convex safety mirrors can help drivers reduce dangers caused by your blind spot when passing and changing lanes on the road. When used properly, convex mirrors will show drivers what is in their blind spot without having to turn the neck too far. They help drivers maintain a greater distance from the air bag in the event of a deployment. Pedals come in a variety of lengths, from 1 to 4 inches high, and should be installed by a professional.

The strap attaches to the thigh or foot, allowing the driver to use upper body strength to lift his or her leg into a vehicle.
Anyone looking to add adaptive vehicle devices to their vehicle will need to work with a trained professional, usually an occupational therapist, to receive a driving assessment. This website is intended to provide users with general information to help them better understand the traffic safety implications of certain health conditions and human behaviors. A car stranded in flood waters Credit Auto Loan Daily Heavy rain, flooding and standing water may mean difficult and expensive automotive repairs for owners of flood-damaged vehicles, according to AAA Oklahoma. Car NewsAimed at those searching for the latest automotive news delivered in a timely manner, the news category reports about new car releases and brings exclusive stories from the automotive niche.
Car ReviewsReading our latest Car Reviews will treat you with professionally written and well executed car reviews from our experts. EditorialsAnalysing car market and the whole automotive world, we bring you the biggest and most intriguing stories while providing interesting facts, publishing unconventional reports and delivering amazing articles and editorials on popular car culture. The American Automobile Association will be rolling out a small armada of quick-charge trucks that will rescue electric vehicles with flat battery packs and get them and their anxious owners back on the road with relative speed.
AAA says their EV rescue trucks will include charging units from different manufacturers so it can evaluate the various systems. The amount of time and the level of charge you’ll get might be slightly problematical, for certain points of view. Source: Wired Autopia, photos from Wired and Flickr users Tom Raftery, mariordo59 and cliff1066™. Auto News from GLOBENEWSWIRESTRATTEC Security Corporation Reports Fiscal 2016 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Operating Results August 11, 2016CurAegis™ Technologies, Inc. Our experience, equipment, resources and parts make us very well qualified to service most of the major brands of vehicles.
AboutOnamia Service Center is the largest automotive service center around the Mille Lacs area. That’s why it’s so important to educate yourself about how to choose or make alterations to ensure it's the right vehicle for you, one that will optimize your driving performance and safety.
Things like that can slide, break and go flying unexpectedly, creating additional safety problems. The stainless steel device locks securely into position, utilizing the vehicle’s U-type striker plate where the door latches. We also are committed to promoting viable transportation options for seniors who can no longer drive independently. It is also important to know if the used car you are thinking of buying has been damaged by water.
Car news are delivered every day and focused on those in need of the newest from the automotive world.
Extensive galleries of the newest cars and interesting reports on vehicles available are complemented with rigorous appraisement expressed in our Pros and Cons section. You can read stories about autonomous vehicles, various list articles debunking car intrigues etc.
Given AAA’s role as a huge provider of roadside assistance, this seems like both an eminently logical service for them to offer, as well as a rather shrewd business move.

Rescue trucks for EV’s are already on the roads in Japan, where Nissan and the Japan Automobile Federation deployed a truck in June.
Depending upon the vehicle needing service, AAA members can get either a Level 2 (220 volt) or a Level 3 (440 volt direct current) quick-charging service when needed. You’ll get 15 minutes with the truck, which isn’t a great deal of juice, especially if you’re using Level 2.
He has worked for racing teams, aerospace companies, motorsports sponsorship agencies and on computer racing games.
We are a proud AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop with 98% Customer Satisfaction ratings in AAA's independent surveys of our customers. Unless you can operate a car properly and interact with its controls the way they were designed to be used, you may be compromising your safety. The AAA club can also lead you to resources for adaptive vehicle devices designed for in-car use, such as hand controls, pedal extenders, special mirrors and specially designed foam cushions that overcome specific issues. Semi-autonomous technologies are already available on some cars today – is full on autonomous driving next?
AAA, which boasts more than 52 million members, wants to set itself up in a new niche as more car makers join Nissan in offering mainstream mass-market EVs. The caveat being that Level 3 charging can “fill” a depleted battery in as little as 30 minutes, but not all EVs have the capacity to take Level 3 charging, and, ironically enough, there is still no global standard for the Level 3 plug. The auto service company says that other trucks will use generators powered by compressed natural gas or an hydraulic power take-off from the truck’s transmission.
They say that it will be enough to get you three to 15 miles down the road to your garage or a public charging station.
We also add great value to our services by being a Auto Care Center, NAPA Collision Center.
If the car has been completely or partially submerged, it may be necessary to disassemble all mechanical parts for thorough cleaning and lubrication.
We explore this bold new era, from the proponents who point to increased safety and better use of infrastructure, to the skeptics who feel there is no substitute for human intuition behind the wheel. No, not a full charge, but then again, if you run out of gas and call Triple-A, they only give you a gallon or two to get you to the nearest filling station.
AAA hopes that as the program picks up momentum along with the increasing numbers of EVs, they will roll out more trucks into other cities. It turns out that there are about 1,300 nationwide at the moment, and there are more on the way. Drain flood water from contaminated mechanical systems and flush with clean water or a solvent, as appropriate. Drain and replace all contaminated fluids, such as oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power-steering fluid and anti-freeze.

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