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February 20, 2008 by livelux in AutomotivePlenty of cars costing less than $50,000 pack enough features and driving satisfaction to rival their ultra-high-dollar counterparts. For those of us who don’t have +100k to spend on an AMG there is another option to still gets us that raw power, yet refined classy look and it is the Chrysler 300c SRT8. In the end this car is extremely impressive in its refined interior, road feel, handling, and blistering acceleration; all things we are used to hearing from its German competition, but this time it is an SRT8. On their facebook page today Mercedes released pictures of the highly anticipated A 45 AMG. IgnitionSpeed is a website that brings you car reviews, comparisons, pictures, future cars, and more. The program proposed by Lungrena€™s bill would be run by the Department of Energy as an alternative to current schemes that offer up-front matching funds and loans to automakers to develop high-mileage cars based on speculative sales projections, rather than proven success in the marketplace.
While the Nissan Leaf battery-powered car is already rated at the equivalent of 99 mpg, Lungrena€™s bill requires that the car that claims the prize runs on gasoline and is built by a company incorporated in the United States. Although not quite a mid-size car in its existing form, Edison2 says it plans to develop the ultra-aerodynamic 830-pound four-seat prototype for production and hopes to license its technology to an established manufacturer. Luxury Blog >> Exotic Automobiles >> Bugatti >> WTF: $2 Million Dollar Bugatti Gets $2 Car Wash! This cheap Bugatti owner opted for the coin car wash for his million dollar exotic sports car!
Reports state that the owner of the car wash said that the minute the foam brush touched the Bugatti, he would turn it off and make them leave!
Those that believe you have to spend big for a luxury car may turn up their noses at the autos on this list. It would humiliate a $300k Bentley in the turns thanks to its perfectly programmed transmission.

Dan Lungren, R-Calif., has introduced a bill in Congress offering a billion-dollar prize to the first automaker that builds and sells 60,000 mid-size cars capable of delivering 100 mpg. 3872) is modeled after government-backed innovation incentive contests like the DARPA Grand Challenge, which paid million-dollar prizes to private entities for successfully creating fully-autonomous vehicles, with an eye on developing the technology for use by the military. This would apparently also disqualify plug-in hybrids like the Chevy Volt and upcoming Ford Fusion Energi.
Onlookers were shocked and appalled that the Veyron owner would stoop as low as a rough and rugged coin wash bay to clean a Bugatti.
It was likely the first and last time the owner would witness such an all-out assault on a leading luxury car.
Our goal is to simply bring you the newest information about the best cars that are already out there and those to come in the future. Options include 20-inch chrome wheels, a panoramic roof, and a voice-activated DVD-based navigation system. The Chrysler 300 has also repeatedly been voted one of the best cruising highway cars on the market for its comfort and chassis which makes the car seem to float over the road. As you can see the carbon fiber inlays as well as neon blue lighting add a very refined look to this interior.
The Volvo XC70, a $36,755 midsize wagon, is loaded with advanced safety features like hill descent control and full-length side curtain airbags.
The market research firm measures classes of cars including reliability, warranty, strong anticipated resale value, durability, innovation, and dealership and ownership experience.
Only cars that got a score of 700 out of a possible 1,000 were counted.Vincentric, an automotive research firm, provided maintenance costs calculated over a five-year period.
Vehicles with the lowest costs, which include oil changes, wheel alignments, and replacement wiper blades, made the list.

You can find an Audi A3 wagon with a starting price of $25,930 and a Saab 9-3 convertible beginning at $26,000.
At the top end is a Land Rover SUV starting at $44,933 and the Mercedes SLK roadster with a base price of $46,000.
Add in a few select options, and you can easily meet the $50,000 threshold.There’s good reason the list is long. When Nissan (through Infiniti), Honda (through Acura) and Toyota (through Lexus) in the mid-’90s introduced models for the entry-level luxury buyer, they forced other carmakers to compete. Young professionals with high-paying jobs, those in high-income households, and empty nesters who are transitioning into a luxury vehicle. Upgrading to a luxury auto means sliding into plush leather seats, enjoying enhanced power features like a push-button engine starter and memory seating for two drivers, and rolling along on larger wheels.“You are treating yourself with these vehicles,” says Stephanie Brinley, senior manager of product analysis at AutoPacific, a market research firm covering the auto industry. You’ve reached a stage in your life where you want a little more luxury, and you can afford to purchase a vehicle with more amenities.”Still, there’s a big difference between a $45,000 luxury car and an ultra-luxury car twice its price. Its standard features include a V8 engine, a heated steering wheel, a high-tech navigation system, and a retractable hard top.
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