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At some point in our lives we are all in the same situation as this client, his first car is at the end of it’s life and it is finally time to purchase his very first new car. Sometimes a better option to purchasing a vehicle is to lease it, especially when you are being gouged on interest rates already.
Names of borrowers and lenders have been modified, substituted, or fictionalized for search and privacy purposes. More Details : – Looking for a great value on a fully equipped 2005 C6 Corvette Coupe with 6 speed manual transmission and 6.0L V8 LS2 Engine? In order to do this, this client needs an auto loan for somewhere in the range of $20,000 to $60,000. His score at the time of application was about 550, placing him well below the average range and well out of the range of the auto maker approved 700. Leasing can be a more expensive option, but at the end of the term you are able to get a brand new vehicle rather than continuing to use a dated model.
The goal of his work is to assist the people of Texas in finding loans for lower interest rates than they thought were possible.
Information presented here is for entertainment purposes only and should not be interpreted as the truth. This black exterior with cashmere leather interior 1SB package car comes loaded from the factory with heads up display, navigation, heated seats, polished aluminum wheels with freshly installed continental extreme contact DWS tires, 6-way power driver and passenger seats.
The sweet spot for his second car’s price is right around $40,000, as he is looking at a top of the line Ford F-150 truck.
In other words, the ideal client will pay $2,881.02 in interest on this vehicle purchase over the 7 year period.

For this, we re-inquired with Ford’s leasing department instead of their financing department. The operators of this website is not affiliated with any lenders and does not charge for any products or services.
Approval from these companies can depend largely on the financing agent which happens to cover your application. Fortunately for us, this department was more willing to show leniency regarding slightly suboptimal credit scores.
In most cases, the car manufacturer themselves will provide applicants with financing at reasonable rates.
Additionally, how hard the sales team is willing to fight for your application can help things along. For leases, the interest rate was the same 2% per annum, but they were willing to provide it to a more broad range of applicants. We have heard many stories of applicants who went to purchase a vehicle with moderate credit scores who were approved due to the car salesmen going to bat for them. Basically, this client is being forced to pay in excess of $2,000 more because his credit score is slightly worse than Ford’s ideal applicant.
This is how auto makers manage to break their promises, by adding this little clause in the fine print. If the salesmen put in word that a sale will be cancelled due to the finance team, bosses tend to get involved.
For most of us, this is a fairly large amount of money and not something we should be giving up without a fight.

In the end, Ford agreed to a lease term of 4 years with 2% interest per year and with a buyback program at the end of the term. For our current applicant, his credit score was not bad enough to get him to be fully rejected. This means that either the dealership will resume ownership of the vehicle after the 4 years is up or our client can purchase it from them. These approved credit ratings tend to be in excess of 700, as most credit ratings fall between roughly 600 and 750, a 700 puts you above average.
Instead, the finance department at Ford was just unwilling to give him the best available rate of 2%.
The purchase price will be adjusted based on the amount of money this client has put forward towards the lease payments. Basically, he can finance the vehicle for 4 years at 2% interest and then open his options when the term expires, allowing him to either buy the vehicle back having saved funds on the interest rate, or to pursue other options. When that day comes, we hope this client will remember our services but until then we hope he enjoys his new vehicle.

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