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Hint: If you are drawing your own symbol, only draw one side, and then duplicate and flip it so that both sides are identical. Create a new Photoshop document at 1920×1200 (or whatever screen resolution you are targeting). Place the first texture on a layer above the symbol, scale it down so that it just covers the symbol, desaturate it (Cmd+Shift+U) and then (Cmd+click) the bat symbol’s layer thumbnail to load the layer as a selection.
To create the highlights, I simply took a soft white brush set to 30% opacity and used different brush sizes to paint these highlights.
I placed the texture on a background layer and inverted it (Cmd+i) and then set the layer’s blend mode to Opacity. Finally, I used a large soft white brush with a low opacity to paint subtle light on a layer above the background texture. We do the best to provide high-quality products that you can use in your commercial projects.You bet! Can somebody show me how to do this on Photoshop touch on the iPad I’m just trying to make a iPhone custom backplate and I need plain black back with the Batman symbol instead of the apple logo.
This New 2016 MT07 is finished in a stunning colour and graphics and also has the benefit of abs. There’s nothing inherently wrong: it’s just that more recent Audis have better materials, slicker multimedia screens, easier-to-use MMI multi-controllers.
Audi’s mid-sized saloon is feeling quite cramped in the back row; it certainly feels tight to sit behind a six-footer like myself.
We’ve already identified a gently ageing interior, but of more concern is the question of finances. If you’re an Illustrator guru, jump in and draw a similar shape, or feel free to embellish it a bit with your own creative flare.
Press (Cmd+Shift+i) to invert the selection and press the delete key to remove any texture outside the bat symbol shape.

For the background texture I used a selection from the White Grunge collection here at WeGraphics.
We do the best to provide high-quality products that our subscribers can use in their commercial projects. The MT07 was Motorcycle news naked bike of the year for 2015, so come and see why and visit our showroom soon.
Audi’s sleeper hit rarely gets a look in on compact executive group tests, overlooked by more recent, more dynamic rivals from BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and - soon, we’d guess - the new 2015 Jaguar XE. Here sales are up 3% so far in 2014, despite a new A4 lurking in the wings for launch in 2015. Audi top brass, from CEO Rupert Stadler to new design chief Marc Lichte, recognise the need for change and we suspect that the new 2015 A4 will move the game on with a refreshed wardrobe. And that’s the key: the macro trend in recent years has been for punters to desert their mainstream Mondeos and Insignias in preference for something with a smart German badge and some bling to show it off. Nearing the end of its life, our S-Line trim and optional 19in five-spoke alloys add a further degree of lustre to our model.
The A4’s cockpit works well, but it can’t hold a candle to that in the class youngster, the Mercedes C-class.
The 2.0-litre TDI is equipped with stop-start to quell the engine at a standstill and it develops a fulsome 175bhp and 280lb ft of twist in this spec. The ride is reasonable, especially considering the 19in rims on our test car, but the front-drive A4 struggles to replicate the purer steering of its RWD rivals for those who like to hustle their cars along a favourite back road.
Don’t professional road testers and hardcore petrolheads obsess over the last nuance of handling and dynamics? The soon-to-depart Audi A4 saloon has been honed and polished into quite an accomplished compact exec for its target market. If you’re not familiar with drawing in Illustrator, you can download my vector bat symbol here.

Copy and paste the bat symbol vector on a new layer within the document and scale it to the center.
If you’re not a member of WeGraphics any good metal texture will give a similar effect. Again, if you’re not a member of WeGraphics (you should be) you can use any other subtle gray or white texture. The bike benefits from its very light weight and narrow low seat coupled to its impressive 74bhp twin cylinder engine.
Audi effectively came in and reset the premium quality benchmark for interiors a decade ago, but we’d say the older models in the range are now showing their age.
You can also choose a lower-power 148bhp or 161bhp 2.0 TDI in the penny-pinching Ultra model. I’d argue the A4 is perfectly judged for its target market, who won’t give a stuff about telepathic steering feel and care far more about cool day-running lights than scalpel-sharp turn-in. It’s still not the class leader; we’d point you in the direction of the Mercedes C-class, or indeed recommend you buy a secondhand car from the class above.
Is this an example of a model being honed throughout its life to an improved twilight wilderness? But it’s still a reminder that those legions of A4 buyers haven’t made a duff choice, after all.

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