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But the M235i is also a ?35k car with an insurance group of 39 and an official combined mpg of 34.9 (reckon on 29mpg in reality). There’s handy torque too, but the 2-series isn’t a particularly light car at 1465kg and 0-62mph comes up in a slightly tardy 7.1 seconds. It’s a little gruff, with a pronounced diesel tremor through the clutch pedal, but it’s a willing ally and joyously paired with BMW’s delightful six-speed manual gearbox. Adding adaptive suspension to your drive mode option is still a fine investment at ?515 but the car doesn’t need it.
The 2-series is bigger than the old 1-series coupe, and offers more generous interior accommodation as result, but it’d still take a committed pair of rail-phobes to eschew the train and want to jump in the back for a long haul. Up front everything’s a little brighter and better, with just enough colour accents to break up the black and a dash design that, while almost painfully trad, nevertheless feels right in this timeless compact rear-drive coupe – even the handbrake’s an actual handbrake. There’s no play or quirk in here, nothing to lift your mood or impress friends – enjoy instead a kind of solemn ergonomic solidity. The 2-series Coupe’s defining qualities are its breadth of ability and its engaging, entertaining chassis. In this respect it’s a considerably more grown up choice than something like Mazda’s much smaller, rawer MX-5 and the similarly Toyota GT86 with its almost unusable rear seats.
Ford’s Kuga is one of the first One Ford products of the modern era, designed for global sale and consequently sold in Europe and the United States, where previously each territory developed its own SUV. But now the 178bhp 2.0-litre diesel from the Mondeo is here - and we’ve driven it for the first time in the recently scrubbed-up 2015 Kuga mid-sized crossover now on sale in Europe.
This engine is predominantly about the extra power - up 10% on the previously most powerful Kuga, despite CO2 falling by a similar amount - and the outputs are competitive with class rivals.
A resounding 95% of Kuga buyers in the UK choose the 2.0-litre diesel engine, and the Blue Oval predicts that a good chunk of those will choose the high-powered version. But crossovers are not about haring around at full chat, and this SUV feels well judged in normal day-to-day driving.

This is not an enthusiasts’ car, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s towards the top of the pack in the family crossover stakes. This is an ongoing concern with mainstream Fords, as successive generations have lost some of the class-leading dynamism from the Richard Parry-Jones era, when the Focus, Mondeo, Ka, Fiesta and others ran off with the goalposts and plopped them in the next-door field.
The latest Kuga has many tricks up its sleeve, including a nifty foot-waggle system to open the tailgate (a ?350 option as part of a keyless entry system). Considered in that context, you can see that the top-dog Kuga is a warm-up act for the new, posher Edge coming at the end of 2015.
With its epic, very subtly turbocharged straight 322bhp allied to deeply satisfying, unrepentantly rear-drive dynamics the M235i is deeply desirable: just practical, comfortable and refined enough to be everyday useful, but with the compact size and feisty performance of which Munich legends – 2002, E30 M3 – are made. We can’t sit here and pretend the 220d has anything like the M235i’s charm but this is a decent engine, and of course all that you need 90% of the time. The 215bhp 225d is a second quicker and feels considerably more brisk but we digress, and the truth is that the 220d still has enough to let you enjoy the car’s rear-drive balance.
The other controls are equally encouraging, from the strong, easy-to-modulate brakes to the taut steering. M Sport suspension brings a slightly firmer set-up than standard and drops the ride height 10mm, but even so it’s nicely judged for UK tarmac, and a world away from the concrete M Sport dampers of yesteryear. Out of the box the 2-series is agile, comfortable, composed and engagingly transparent in its dynamics, with a keen, uncorrupted front axle and a trustworthy, communicative rear. This is a coupe for all occasions, whether you’re threading the kind of mythical tarmac python beloved of advertising copywriters or trundling to Ikea with a hankering for meatballs and a wobbly wardrobe.
The 220d M Sport Coupe’s closest rival is arguably Audi’s ever-desirable TT (?30,110 in TDI ultra Sport guise) but it’s a grudge match with one clear winner thanks to the BMW’s altogether more talented, nuanced chassis. But the majority will pick the cheaper ?30,045 2.0 TDCI version with 148bhp and front-wheel drive.
If you live in a hilly area, have a large family or regularly tow, you might feel the 178bhp insufficient.

All the major controls are well weighted, making the Kuga a cinch to drive despite its growth spurt; at 4524mm long and 2077mm wide, this is now quite a big car.
Is this the price of globalisation, and the growing importance of connectivity and electronic architectures over clever-clogs chassis tuning? You’ll never tire of demonstrating this one, and it’s properly useful when approaching the car with armfuls of clobber. The new engine has pushed prices up to a toppy ?34,890 on our top-spec Titanium X Sport version, which sounds like it’s nibbling into Ford Edge territory with every addition to its ever-expanding badge (remember when it was just a simple Titanium?). You’d better believe it: Ford has Volkswagen and its Touareg in its sights, and this model is a stepping stone up the brand ladder. Save big over a new S7 with this GORGEOUS Phantom Black Pearl on Black Diamond-Stiched Leather beauty!! It doesn’t sing to its redline but neither does it feel overtly turbodiesel in its delivery, rewarding held gears and spinning pretty freely on the way to summoning that 187bhp peak. The four cylinder’s urge is enough to help you finish corners and roundabouts with a flourish, just so long as you’ve remembered to de-activate the two-stage stability control. It’s not about coming out of every junction like Ken Block, just a satisfying balance regardless of the engine you put up front.
Other gadgets of note include self-parking software, adaptive cruise control and voice-operated apps such as Spotify, operated through the Sync AppLink system. The Sony infotainment system, in particular, is a riot of messy buttons and needs to be simplified urgently. All pre owned cars go through a rigorous 135 Point Safety and Quality Inspection completed by our Factory Trained Master Technicians from our outstanding service department.

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