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Boric acid for yeast infections is a remedy that will work; however, boric acid is a poison that is used to kill pests and used for other industrial processes. If you are pregnant, especially if you are in the early stages of pregnancy, boric acid for a yeast infection is a HUGE mistake. Sarah Summer, an expert in natural remedies for yeast infections, cautions women who are thinking about using boric acid to cure their infection. If you have a digestive system yeast infection and are thinking about taking high doses of boric acid to get rid of the Candida in your gut, you are very incorrect in your choice of remedy. Boric acid may also mimic estrogen in the body, and this can lead to aggravated Candida problems if you take it orally.
Boric acid as a yeast infection cure really isn’t the fastest or most reliable method. Another study, the aforementioned study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology [1981, 141(2):145-148], looked at the efficacy of boric acid for the treatment of Candida albicans induced vaginitis.
As both aforementioned studies used, 600 mg of boric acid inserted into the vagina, is what you should also use as well. Sarah Summer, the aforementioned yeast infection expert, recommends to not use boric acid to treat a yeast infection due to it being dangerous.
Boric acid for vaginal yeast infection-topic overview, Boric acid is a white, crystalline chemical substance that has antifungal and antiviral properties. Boric acid capsules for chronic yeast infections, boric, Boric acid capsules are an old but effective home remedy for chronic yeast infections. Yeast arrest boric acid suppositories 14 count (1 week) by, Yeast arrest boric acid plus suppositories by vitanica . Using boric acid to treat candida overgrowth, Boric acid is an inexpensive and effective way to treat vaginal yeast infections caused by candidiasis.. Discover natural cures for yeast infection in dogs, an increasingly common pet health concern: skin, digestion etc.

Apr 17, 2009 – I am 35 weeks pregnant and I went to my doc on monday because I believe I … A 100% safe and effective treatment to cure your yeast infection! Yeast Infection Treatment Review For Women is a website that supplies the needed information for women to cure their yeast infections fast and safe.
Vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC), often referred to as a yeast infection, is a common gynecologic ailment, affecting 3 out of 4 women in their lifetimes. There are different kinds of these infections which are categorized into two major … is identified with a bad odor and profuse secretions (fish-like smell or yeast). Boric acid can frequently be successfully used to treat a vaginal yeast infection; however, a significant minority of people will not be cured when they use it. Boric acid and its sodium borate salts are toxic chemicals that are commonly used as pesticides; these chemicals can occur naturally or be produced synthetically. If you are pregnant, you should avoid using boric acid for your yeast infection; as it can possibly poison the child in your womb. You should never use boric acid cleaning products in areas that infants frequently reside in; and, you should never use boric acid to treat any type of infection a baby has. The literature has been reviewed by Ross and Conway up to 1943, recording 20 fatalities from boric acid or borax, administered as an aqueous solution, ointment or powder, for a variety of conditions. If your baby has diaper rash, you should also never use boric acid or any other product containing boron to treat the diaper rash. Now that boric acid is recognized as a weak antiseptic and a potent poison, it is not used clinically and most instances of borate poisoning are accidental, for example after accidental ingestion, sterilization of bottles in the nursery, and application of borate compounds to diaper rashes or other rashes.
Generally speaking, for women who are not pregnant, 600 mg vaginal suppositories of boric acid are generally safe.
In the past many people who had open wounds were treated by applying boric acid to the wound. Boron deficiency sometimes requires people to take small amounts of boron by ingesting pills.

For adolescents 14 to 18 years of age and pregnant or breastfeeding women 14 to 18 years of age, the upper limit is 17 mg per day. If you are considering using boric acid, it is possible that you are desperate and have tried many treatments to get rid of your yeast infection.
When she went to her doctor, she was told that this time her yeast infection was different.
With the prospect of having to fight for the rest of her life with Candida yeast, Summer decided to investigate her problem personally. The key to Sarah’s new treatment was that it dealt with the root causes of yeast infections. Sarah desired to let others know about her cure and so published a book detailing how to get rid of yeast infections naturally.
National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus, boric acid use in the early stages of pregnancy is linked to about a 3 fold increase in the chance of your baby having birth defects. National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus states that mothers who use boric acid in their vagina during the first four months of pregnancy cause nearly a 3 fold increase in the chances their baby will suffer birth defects. A yeast infection in an overgrowth of fungus in the vagina characterized by vaginal itching, burning and discharge. If you purchase boric acid, try and keep it stored at a temperature lower than 25 degrees Centigrade.

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