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The secretions which are produced by the yeast can cause irritation in vaginal area and genital tissues.
Do not use soaps or douching frequently, this can cause irritation, allowing yeast to grow further. You can get rid of your Candidiasis quickly with boric acid Boric acid has been proved to be one of the healthier treatments for vaginal yeast infections. To avoid this situation maintain hygienic condition by washing it carefully and thoroughly while infection and dry it up properly. Pregnant women are particularly prone to yeast infections as well as women taking birth control pills. This treatment has been reported to cure up to 98% of all patients who usually have trouble treating candida infections with other antifungal remedies.

Yeast infection is commonly known as vaginitis, which is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. Practice this while infection days and change your teeth brush after the infection is cured. There are different types of oral contraception and some of them could worsen your candida infection ( how to cure yeast infections naturally ). Garlic is possessed with antifungal properties which are very effectual in curing this infection. With the two hormones running rampant in your body the yeast infection causing fungus candida albicans flourishes. The idea is to place the suppositories in the vagina where the heat and moisture will melt the capsules and release the boric acid.

Birth control pills also weaken the immune system making it harder for you to combat a yeast infection.
Start the treatment with inserting 600mg worth of boric acid suppositories into your vagina for quick relief from your symptoms. To use boric acid suppositories as a preventative measure against candida infections 600mg twice a week.

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