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Cornmeal Tween-80 agar is used to observe microscopic morphological features to presumptively identify Candida species, Cryptococcus, Saccharomyces, Geotrichum and Trichosporon. The observation of the morphological features of yeasts on Cornmeal Tween-80 agar is performed in conjunction with other manual or automated yeast identification systems. Inoculate a plate of Cornmeal Tween-80 agar by making three parallel cuts about ? inch apart at a 45° angle to the culture media followed by the addition of a coverslip over one area.

After 48 - 72 hours incubation at room temperature, examine the areas on the Cornmeal Tween-80 agar where the agar was cut, using the low and high power objectives of a microscope.
Refer to the attached photographs page#1 and page#2 and legend showing the morphology on Cornmeal agar.

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