Specialty Breastfeeding Supplies

Nipple Shields by Mamivac Conical 18mm-22mm-28mm

Breast shields are silicone nipples that are placed over the maternal nipple to make it easier for the infant to latch. We caution that this is a "tool" and an infant can become dependent on it as well as the mothers' milk supply can decrease due to poor milk transfer, but that being said for mothers with true inverted nipples or infants with oral abnormalities it might be the only way to facilitate breastfeeding until time is given to correct the essential problem. Pumping and bi-weekly infant weights or daily diaper weights will need to assessed to confirm good milk transfer.

Mamivac (conical) Nipple Shields come in 3 sizes:

  • 18mm (small-nipple size of dime)
  • 22mm (medium-nipple size of nickel)
  • 28mm (large-nipple larger than a quarter).


    10ml and 30ml Syringes

    Syringes are used to give precise, controlled amounts of formula/breast milk through the feeding tube "straw". It is important that an infant does not get used to free-flowing milk, as they will expect that when the feeding tube is removed. 30cc = 1 oz. We use 30cc because it is small enough to fit in standard bottle mouths and we like to couple it with the 5fr feeding tube since this is easier to insert in infants' mouth for parents during mommy-led SNS feeding. We also offer 10cc syringes for baby-led nursing, so baby is strong enough to suck the milk while nursing at the breast. The 10cc syringe is strictly for priming the tubing and/or cleaning the feeding tube. The syringes can be sterilized as desired.


    8 French & 10 French Feeding Tubes for
    SNS (Supplementing Nursing System)

    Feeding tubes are basically long flexible straws that are used to supplement infants at the breast with formula or breast milk if poor milk transfer is noted. Sometimes an infant just needs more time and nutrition in order to grow into a more vigorous and effective suck. We strongly believe the only way an infant will learn how to breastfeed is by breastfeeding and a little "straw" inserted at the corner of the infants' mouth can provide the positive reinforcement needed that "milk comes from breast, just latch". Each feeding tube is good for 24 hours or 1 week if sterilized daily and comes in two different sizes:

  • 8fr. are used for infant-controlled (large/vigorous infant/low milk supply) flow of feeds.

  • 5fr. can be used with 30cc syringe for parent-controlled (premature, hypotonic, tongue-tie, bottle dependent) flow of feeds.

    5fr. can also be used for infant-controlled (infants less then 10lbs) flow of feeds.


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