Women having a baby in hospital video

Two of the victims were taken to Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, while the two other victims were taken to Bellevue Hospital in New York City.
He noted that this was the first such case for not just Cygnus JK Hindu Hospital, but entire Northern Region of India. The widespread hospitalisation of birth is largely thanks to everybody being extremely chuffed at the shiny new NHS hospitals of 1948 and the gradual move to get women into labour wards until the publication of the 1970 Peel Report which stated "we think that sufficient facilities should be provided to allow for 100 per cent hospital delivery".
And the new Nice research says that there's is an increased risk of poor outcomes for a baby for first-time mothers planning a home birth.

They have experience and skills for positioning a birthing woman and this rather under-rated thing called intuition that helps them to help the woman help herself (there’s a lot of helping in natural births). There are few times in life when a little privacy is more welcome than when you’ve just glimpsed heaven (and possibly a little bit of hell) and yet, we put women back onto shared post-natal recovery wards, send their partners home and expect them to chat to the stranger in the next bed. In real-life, a baby’s heart-rate or a labour itself slowing down happens gradually.
And ambulances arrive quickly; hospitals are normally close-by and obstetricians are ready and waiting.

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