Why can't i get pregnant at 23

You already know the drill—when you’re trying to conceive you can’t leave the house without seeing pregnant bellies. You already know that catching an adequate number of zzz’s makes that morning department meeting more bearable, but here’s another reason to get yourself to bed before the wee hours. Here are five fertility saboteurs that could be the reasons you’re not getting pregnant.
My friend was extremely worried that she would never conceive, but she did thanks to relaxing a bit, and reading Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olsen. But what might be surprising news is that there are fertility saboteurs that can wreak havoc on your chances of conceiving.

Preparing for pregnancy up to a year in advance may be a good idea if you’re planning to start a family in the near future, that way you can focus on making lifestyle changes. Infections can cause fever and that excess heat can damage the sperm temporarily,” she says. If you’re trying now, remember that it can take time—experts say up to a year— to conceive.
In my experience, that doesn’t help, because it makes a woman feel she has to get pregnant in that time and then the stress to get pregnant is so much higher,” she says. We also find that a lot of people don’t know that lubricant decreases sperm motility and transfer, so you shouldn’t use lubricant when you’re trying to get pregnant,” says Karnis.

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