Why can't i get an xray while pregnant

The controversy over x-ray during pregnancy stems from the fact that x-rays are a type of radiation that is invisible.
The American Academy of Family Physicians reports that most of the time x-rays will be generally safe to have done during pregnancy, but there is still a great deal of controversy.
One important factor is the type of x-ray that will be done, as this can influence the amount of radiation involved.
Anytime that you are scheduled for an x-ray, be sure to let the radiographer know about your pregnancy.
If you had an x-ray taken before you were aware of the pregnancy, you will still have a very remote risk of problems. If you had radiation as part of cancer therapy before you knew you were pregnant, talk with your oncologist to find out about how much radiation your baby may have been exposed to.

If you are exposed to radiation at work, then talk with your supervisor, so you can eliminate or reduce your exposure. In some cases your doctor may cancel, postpone, or modify the test to adjust the radiation levels.
In some cases, you can wear a special film badge which will monitor the radiation levels your body receives. The concern, however, is that studies have shown a very slight increase in the risk of certain cancers (such as leukemia) for unborn babies that are exposed to them while in the womb. He will probably work with a medical radiation physicist, so he can determine how much radiation your baby was exposed to. You can also analyze these badges to check on the safety of your unborn child (and yourself).

Therefore, although it is true that in some cases having an x-ray done while pregnant will harm your baby, it may actually be harmful not to get one sometimes. Keep in mind that throughout a normal pregnancy your baby will be exposed to an environmental radiation which occurs in low doses. Radiation levels are obviously higher in tests when you can’t wear this gown, for example, if you need x-rays of the abdominal area. A detectable risk for cancer won’t occur until your baby has a dose which is 20 times that of environmental radiation and even then there is still only a one in five-hundred chance of getting childhood cancer.

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