When your pregnant how does your stomach feel

But when the pain and terror started to ease, and I stopped to look at myself in the mirror, I saw something I hadn’t seen in years: a glimmer of myself, before the pregnancies and the kids, before the sleepless nights, and the drapey shirts, and before the kind and not-kind remarks of strangers. My kids were three and one, and that meant I hadn’t been pregnant for – well, for a year – and yet, almost every day, someone would pass and yell, “Hey, congratulations!” Young men would offer me a seat on the subway with a concerned look. But seeing as how my core muscles are now non-existent, it figure I be rebuilding those damn muscles until my dying day. I have no way of knowing until I see a dr if my stomach is doing what you described, but I suspect to some degree it may be. I avoid people and social events all the time as too embarrassed about my pregnant tummy look..
I wake up every morning nearly in tears bc it feels like I’m being stabbed in my lower back.

I do know that I can flip the top half of my stomach in on itself…which aside from a disgusting party trick is not ever something I imagined I could do with my stomach.
When your organs are hanging like that, when you just don’t feel like yourself, when nothing else has worked you do what you have to do. This condition is very common as I am part of a support group on split stomach muscles on facebook. My stomach was hanging over my jeans, protruding like I had hidden a turkey under my sweater, and I couldn’t seem to do anything about it. I decided I would make an apple pie, to remind us of the days when our families used to eat Thanksgiving together, all those years ago, before our parents died and we lost touch. When I came home, I had a purple incision that stretched from one hip to the other, and when I saw it, my knees went weak.

I know having a nice flat and strong stomach will be something I will enjoy for the rest of my life!
A physical therapist who focuses on pregnancy and related issues would be able to help you with a diagnosis and maybe help you stabilize things while you think it through.
And with the weight of your organs pushing out, no garment such as a spanx was ever strong or stiff enough to pull it in.

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