When your pregnant does your ribs hurt

If you are in your third trimester, you probably thought you had already experienced enough pain like hip pain, backaches and ligament pain. The expanding uterus is the main cause of rib pain during pregnancy for making more room for the growing baby. Stress is another expected side effect of this stage in pregnancy with symptoms of hard-breathing, painful backs and shoulders, and rib pain. When the fetus expands to chest area, a great discomfort can be felt by the stretch or reposition of fetus.
Lean back is a good posture to relieve pressure of the extra breasts weight or other parts of your body. Some women find comfort in placing ice packs on the sore ribs while others prefer warmth, like a shower or a bath. Rib pain during pregnancy is commonly experienced in late pregnancy, but abnormal pain that may indicate a problem. While not pleasant, rib pain late in your pregnancy is completely normal as your baby grows.
If you really get uncomfortable and none of these tips seem to help, be sure to contact your doctor. The funny thing is when I was in the beginning stages of pregnancy, I was very healthy and fit, now I feel weak. I haven’t experience much kicking in the ribs with this pregnancy but I did with my first pregnancy.
When you reach late 2nd trimester or early 3rd trimester, you would start feeling aches and pains in various parts of your body. With the expansion of your uterus, the ligaments present in the rib cage also stretch and your baby in the uterine cavity pushes up and you will feel the pressure on the walls of your rib cage.
While you may not be able to do much in terms of stopping the growth of your uterus and baby, but there are certain things that you can do to get some relief from the pain temporarily.
Pregnancy belly support pillow: You can use this pillow to lift and support your belly when you are lying on your side.

Pregnancy belly support brace: It helps in distributing the weight of your growing belly evenly, thereby, removing the strain off the muscles of the abdomen, which pull on the ribs and cause rib pain. Under such growing pressure, the muscles on the rib cage get strained more and more tightly, breathing turns much more difficult for pregnant women, some women even has a feeling of shortness in breathing. Don’t be surprised when your shoulders ache and your back feels like its carrying a ton of weight. Sleeping on either side, usually recommending the left side or your painful side, gives you great help in pain reducing. Your rib cage has to expand to not only make more space for your baby but also to accommodate your lungs that are by now pushed upwards. If your pain becomes unbearable, then you can consult your midwife or physician about taking panadeine forte or panadeine; however, if possible you should avoid all types of medicine, since codeine can lead to constipation, which is common accompaniment of pregnancy.
Do not try to fit into your old tight clothe because it will aggravate your problem as these clothes will add to the pressure on your ribs. By sitting up straight or leaning forward all the time, you are trying to conform your body to adjust into a much smaller space. It helps in reducing the pressure that is put on your ribs and the surrounding tissues while lying.
When you start feeling short of breath, and having pains in your upper torso front and back, then you may have rib pain. For women with a pregnancy of bigger babies, or shorter waists, there is a risk of fracture of rib in their pregnant days.
So much nerves existing in the diaphragm can make you more sensitive to pains on ribs and shoulders. To relieve rib pain, you have to spare such restrictive and tight clothing to avoid adding pressure to your ribs.
You can stretch your upper body backwards to expand the belly space and ease the rib pain and strain in lower back muscle. Then lying down can relieve all your soreness with pillows under your lump sections, which can also ease much pressure in your body and relieves rib pain.

Putting ice bags on the painful ribs and elevating your arms above your head will help you a lot in rib pain relief. That little peanut is starting to feel less and less like a peanut, and more like a watermelon with pointy little toes that like to needle you in the ribs! The movement is to lean your crossed arms on the wall and slide and stretch them up above your head as far as possible.
To help with your last hard period of pregnancy, detailed infromation about rib pain during pregnancy will be shared in this article. The enlargement of your breasts will also pull your shoulder forwards, which will put strain on the muscles of your back and make you slouch.
Putting a pillow under your baby bump will help take off some of the strain from your muscles and bones and decrease rib pain.
Under the influence of this hormone, the ligaments in your abdomen and hips stretch to allow space for your growing baby and also to let her pass through the birth canal.
A nursing bra is optimal, which gives support but will not confine your breasts in after-birth days. But, while I was pregnant, especially when I was late into my pregnancies, my posture was awesome, like I was practicing to be a Victoria Secret model. Due to the action of relaxin, all the ligaments of your body become more elastic, making you feel that your limbs are not attached properly at the joints. The better posture I had, the less pressure I experienced on my ribs from hunching over my pregnant belly.

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