When trying to get pregnant

Take a break from the stress that normal life throws AND the added stress trying to get pregnant piles on. The only thing that this accomplished was that I would lose all feeling in my legs and stumble around like I was drunk after I tried to get up. My ObGyn suggested that both getting drunk and climaxing at the same time were the key to getting pregnant.

Now is the time to get as close as possible to your ideal weight for your height and body structure so that you can have a healthy pregnancy. Things like standing on your head (done it) and peeing on sticks to tell you when you are most fertile (done that, too). A friend sent me to a website that showed how the lunar cycles and astrology can help you get pregnant.

Feng Shui, rubbing pregnant women’s bellies, eating or drinking certain (very weird) concoctions, rubbing minerals and crystals on your body, and more.

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