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Plan My Baby, which is also known as Prince or Princess, is a comprehensive baby gender selection guide that is authored by Alicia Pennington. Choosing the gender of a baby as part of pregnancy planning has always been non-existent, and many parents only rely on their luck. The Prince or Princess guide consists of three complete guides that include the Prince or Princess Manual, a Healthy Pregnancy Guide and also Breastfeeding Secrets Guide.
In the Prince or Princess guide, you will learn about the three most important factors that are key to your baby gender selection process. If you and your partner are looking for ways to pick your baby gender or if you just want to try something new and are looking for a way that is painless and have minimal risks of side effects, then the Prince or Princess guide is for you.
Finally, this product is one of the safest and least expensive methods that can help you in your baby selection during conception.
Given the MFR, the probability of getting pregnant after a given number of months can be calculated with a negative binomial distribution.
So almost half of the (healthy) 25 year olds get pregnant in the first monthtwo months, and after two years (the point when doctors start considering you to have fertility problems) more than 90% of 35 year olds should conceive.
October 16, 2013 by Marc Sklar Leave a Comment There are some steps you should take before attempting pregnancy. Reduce STRESS There have been numerous university health studies linking the effects of stress to impaired fertility. A couple with normal fertility who have intercourse at or about the time of ovulation stands about a 20 to 25 percent chance that a pregnancy will result. Precise timing may be more scientific, but it does tend to add stress to the process and can even take the fun out of it. This ebook was written with the goal to help other parents who want to choose the gender of their baby before they get pregnant.
After seeing success in using her own method, she decided to pen it and share it with others who are also looking for natural, non-surgical ways that are safe to allow them to plan and choose their baby gender.

As you can see, this guide is not going to help you get started from conception stage but also up to the moment your baby is born. The methods that are taught to you in this book are completely safe and natural, except that not many people are realising these little details can actually determine the gender of your baby. The three factors include information about your ovulation, diet, and the sexual positions that you can use to help you conceive the baby with the gender of your choice. This may sound foolish, but many couples approach the attempt to get pregnant without giving enough thought to the affects on their life of having a child.
If there is any significant history of genetic problems in the family, you might want to investigate it before attempting to get pregnant. In preparation for pregnancy, authorities are recommending the use of vitamins containing the daily requirement for pregnant women. Ideally, to be sure to maximize fertilization, have intercourse every other day around the estimated time of ovulation. Ever since, Prince or Princess has helped 8,529 other couples in successfully conceiving the baby with the gender that they wanted.
Some are parents who are fed up of having only boys and have no luck with getting a girl, and other parents face the opposite problem. Before you jump into expensive medical treatments that are not just exorbitantly priced but pose a higher risk of danger, the Prince or Princess method may be able to save your money for you and at the same time help you achieve and get the baby you’ve wanted to have.
They say “Let’s get pregnant” instead of “Let’s have a baby.” Creating a baby and being pregnant sound glamorous. If there is any question of a medical problem, it is a good idea to have this evaluated and treated before getting pregnant. With this very method that Alicia is sharing out, now you and your partner can take advantage of it to pick the baby gender of your choice.
You may belong to a population group that carries an increased risk of disease specific to that group, such as Tay-Sachs disease in Ashkenazic Jews or certain types of anemia in blacks or in people whose ancestors came from Mediterranean countries.

Studies have suggested a much lower incidence of neural tube defects in infants whose mothers took vitamins containing 0.4 milligrams of folic acid before conception.
Given the life of the sperm and the egg, this would tend to have sperm present during the “life” of the egg no matter when ovulation occurs. Fertility will be greatest and the chance of fetal abnormalities will be minimized by starting the pregnancy with normal blood sugars. Your own doctor can help you with advice in this area, or will refer you to a place where you can get more information. We recommend that all diabetics be checked and receive an okay from their doctor before even attempting to get pregnant. You should also be sure that other medical conditions are under control and that medications to control them are appropriate for pregnancy, since some medications can increase the chance of fetal abnormalities. For example, we know of a Jewish couple, one of whom is a physician, who did not come in for care until about 12 weeks of pregnancy. One study comparing smokers and non-smokers going through in vitro fertilization found that the smokers had lower fertilization rates, lower estrogen levels, required greater amounts of fertility drugs, and had lower pregnancy rates.
In order to obtain the dose of 1 mg of folic acid utilized in prescription prenatal vitamins, you will need to get a prescription from you physician. So, even if greater frequency of ejaculation reduces the per-ejaculation sperm count, the increased motility may result in a net gain of fertilization potential. If you are overweight, it is a good idea to lose the weight before you get pregnant and do it in a manner consistent with good nutrition.
They were told that their offspring would have a 25 percent chance of having the disease and a 50 percent chance of being a carrier.

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