When to get pregnant quiz

If you are fairly regular with your menstrual cycle and find that you have missed your period then this could be a sign that you are pregnant. If your body temperature has been higher than usual for more than 18 days in a row then this is a good indicator that you are pregnant. When it comes to getting pregnant (or its kissing cousin, not getting pregnant), everybody’s a self-proclaimed expert.
Hormones make cervical mucus clear and slippery (like an egg white) to help sperm swim when your egg is ready to be fertilized. Because sperm can survive for a few days inside your body, having sex before ovulation can help you get pregnant. If you are wondering Am I pregnant, because you've noticed some changes, then take this online pregnancy quiz to find out if you are with child.

You will need to consult a doctor to confirm your pregnancy but consider our free online pregnancy test as a preliminary research.
If you are not regular or don’t usually keep track of your cycle then you should look for the other symptoms from this pregnancy test online. Studies have found that drinking alcohol during pregnancy, even the early stages, can cause birth defects. If you find that you are experiencing all or any of the symptoms mentioned in this pregnancy quiz then you might be pregnant. Research has shown that 7 out of 10 women experience symptoms by the time they are 6 weeks pregnant. If you find that you are feeling nauseous on a fairly consistent basis, you might be pregnant.

If you find that you are peeing more often than usual then it might be an early sign of your pregnancy.
In this pregnancy quiz we have broken down the most common symptoms to help you figure out if you are indeed pregnant.

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