When pregnancy show

If you’re anything like me you went to the Baby Show when you were pregnant with your first child. In fact, if you’re anything like me you did¬†everything it was possible to do when pregnant with your first child. Obsessed with diet, obsessed with organic, captivated by catalogues, and ready to devastate the mortgage in the pursuit of perfection for my inevitably flawed pregnancy.

From the 16-19 May 2013 you can attend Mums Show Live¬†at Alexandra Palace in London, the only UK show dedicated to the parents of school-aged children – not babies *gasps*! If you want to heckle me, you’ll have to show up on the Thursday evening or Friday lunchtime.
Apart from her first pregnancy, I hope this time she will show her belly in some of her own clothe lines - I guess the new trend is to show off a nice bump so she will do the same.Plus, she might start her oven yummy-mummy maternity line.

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