When do you get pregnant cravings

I’ll admit it:  I used to think about how “cool” it would be to eat whatever I wanted as a pregnant woman and not be concerned about weight gain. So, I thought … once I get pregnant, I will have a FREE PASS to eat whatever I want and no one will send me emails or tweets about gaining weight! While I am not eating as much as I thought I could get away with during pregnancy, I am eating some really random things. Because food cravings tend to emerge during the first trimester, they can be one of the first signs of early pregnancy.
While some cravings may seem a little unusual, most don’t present a danger to mother or baby.
Some cravings lead women to want curious combinations you’d never think of eating normally. While these cravings might seem odd, others could best be described as bizarre or even frightening. When it comes time to create a special space for your new addition you can never have top much design inspiration! We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites.
Food cravings or aversions are common and can begin as early as two to three weeks into your pregnancy, says Dr. A sweet tooth can become even sweeter in pregnancy, whether that means a bar of chocolate, or a more virtuous juicy nectarine.

Then I got pregnant with my little boy, and my husband came home with about 20 grapefruits. Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. I reckon i had a very early craving of pineapples, I'd eat a tin of pineapples almost every day for about a month (I haven't eaten pineapples for a very long time before that!) and now even the thought of it makes me feel super queasy!
Mary Pease with IU North tells me pregnancy cravings and food aversions are a normal part of pregnancy.  But WHY I'm craving liver sausage, mozzarella and lemonade isn’t quite clear. Pease says the number one craving her patients talk to her about isn’t fruit or veggies – it’s ice cream.  And, babies DO need calcium. But perhaps one of the strangest is when we are visited by the insatiable desire for a most unlikely food. You’re probably thinking “Yuk!” – but some pregnant mums claim food combinations like these can send your taste buds into orbit.
A South African study showed that up to 84% of pregnant women experience some form of food craving.
A Swedish study showed that over 76% of women had abnormal smell and taste perception in pregnancy.
Professor Chapman’s wife experienced cravings for rice pudding during her three pregnancies.
High on the must-have list for pregnant mums are: chocolate, milk, fruit, hot chips, pizza and cheese.

But you do need to resist the temptation of foods that you simply shouldn’t eat during pregnancy, such as raw seafood, or soft cheeses, says Suzie Best, Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist at the Wesley Weight Management Clinic in Clayfield, Brisbane.
If you fill up on the foods you crave, you may be denying your body the nutritious foods you and your baby need.
But also high on the popularity stakes for pregnant women are foods that are laden with empty kilojoules. And by the looks of some of these combinations, you should probably thank your lucky stars! My other two pregnancies I craved sweets (cake, ice cream, frozen yogurt, pie) but this time I'm craving weird things. There are theories that cravings represent dietary deficiencies, and a craving is the body’s way of sourcing the nutrients it needs. This might explain why pregnant women often crave certain foods and avoid others during pregnancy.
If you do fi nd yourself craving non-food items, consult your doctor, advises Professor Chapman.
Pregnant women need to eat a balanced diet, selected from all the food groups, to obtain an adequate intake of all the nutrients, particularly protein, calcium, folate and iron.

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