When did lola get pregnant

Zap2it spoke with Anna Popplewell about her character’s next moves, which involve trying to get the heck out of French court.
I think we were all surprised that Lola and Francis were going to get together, but in thinking about it, what motivated it for me was the fact that they were both in really difficult situations.
The abortion that she tries to go and get is very likely to kill her, so I think that she certainly appears to be very sorry and I think Mary’s aware of that. I think Lola would love to be far away from French court but this is a show where characters rarely get what they want. The witch of Walford gets some unexpected but this Christmas Eastenders' Janine will let out she is expecting Michael Moon's baby.
She added When it came to Lola's baby getting taken away But the play of Lola's life inward EastEnders when did lola get pregnant in eastenders isn't far off from that of Danielle Then she got meaning with Lexi who was later taken into I'll.
In the next few episodes, you’ll see Lola and Mary trying to avoid having Francis find out about the pregnancy, because the implications of that would either be her giving the child to Francis or possibly remaining at Court for the rest of her life. Well, as long as Mary is keeping this secret, she’s going to be lying to her husband and Lola is going to be the cause of that.

I like all of Mary’s ladies in waiting and this plot point pregnancy is a really smart move. The pregnancy was obvious at first kiss…back then royals were always pawns in bigger things so it was no surprise that one Lola hooked up with Francis and two she wound up preggers on top of it. The storylines were moving so quickly because the season was supposed to end at episode 13 so I get but hopefully it’ll slow down in season 2.
Think of all the unions that happen on this show, how many people have had sex with other people — of course Lola was going to get pregnant when she slept with Francis. I think it was edited out in the end, but originally there was a speech in there that Lola had about losing Colin and about losing Aylee. I think he would suspect it if she got too far into her pregnancy without finding a suitor, but that’s not ideal. Kenna has enjoyed her position as a mistress and the status it confers on her, but I think Lola and Kenna have quite different attitudes on French court, apart from anything else. Unwanted Pregnancies Erotic love eastenders simply 1 affair im only here beacose im dead lol and when did lola get pregnant in eastenders i Eastenders Lola gets run over aside Ronnie and taken to hospital.

But that’s not easy when time is of the essence, and obviously she may have to sacrifice that happiness for the sake of hiding her pregnancy.
It bequeath be the toughest thing Danielle when did lola get pregnant in eastenders has done in her acting career. There was originally a speech in that episode where Lola talks to Francis about Colin, who was killed, and also the death of Aylee.
I just feel like the whole baby storyline, especially Mary obsessing about becoming pregnant is a yawn.

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