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Lana Anthony Kane (voiced by Aisha Tyler) is a field agent at ISIS as well as Sterling's current girlfriend and the mother of his child. As a child Lana was highly pressured by her parents to succeed who were both college professors. Lana also dated ISIS comptroller Cyril Figgis for a time, to the mystification of her colleagues.
Despite having a great disdain for Archer, Lana shares the closest connection with him of all the characters. During a firefight, both Archer and Lana reveal they are each other's beneficiaries should they die.
When Archer's car gets stolen, Lana, along with Cyril and Pam, aids him in getting it back from the Yakuza, whom they believed to have been the thieves. Lana's water breaks after she, Archer and Cherlene are captured by rebel forces fighting Gustavo Calderon (the rebels are revealed to be Agent Holly and the CIA). Following Archer's initial joy at being a father, his feelings quickly turn to fear, resulting in him yet again running away from home, and going on a bender of cobra venom and lady-boys hookers. In a Top Gun homage trailer for the fifth season, Archer and Lana assumed the roles of Maverick and Charlie, respectively. When she started at ISIS Lana had an afro, which is large enough for Joshua Gray to pull a joint and a pencil out of.
Lana is straight, although she once had pity sex with Pam in the episode Dial M for Mother, though she quickly declared she was going to pretend Pam was Alex Karras during it. Lana's name is a play on Lanacane (a trade name of benzocaine), a brand of oral local anaesthetic.
Archer is the reason for her getting crabs twice, although the second time was because of the a prison cell not Archer directly.
There are 84 images of Lana Kane on this Wiki, visit the Lana Kane gallery to view all the images and screenshots. She posterior told Clark that she didn't like what when did lana get pregnant she did because she felt she had to. Lana has aspirations for advancement as a master spy and has considered positions offered by ODIN, both at their international headquarters ("Job Offer") and as Regional Director for the Americas ("A Going Concern"), although her strongly leftist views often cause friction between her and her job. She claims her trouble with relationships stem from her time dating Archer, which resulted in a number of severe trust issues. They're frequently partnered together on missions, and despite all the stuff he put her through, she still considers him a friend (Heart of Archness: Part III). After Archer saves her from falling to her death when she slips off a building, she decides to ask him to be the sperm donor, but she changes her mind once he begins acting like his typical self (The Honeymooners).
Archer reads extensively on the complications of pregnancy, showing that he is concerned for her. Although, Archer returned home eventually, Lana was not pleased with how quickly he ran away from his responsibility as a father, stating that if Archer wished to be part of their daughter's life, ground rules would need to be placed.

She and her husband, Jeff Tietjens, were trying to get pregnant using in vitro fertilization treatments.
The fictional characters of Archer are well known for getting their thing on with practically everyone and everything. Lana's gestation however the instalment for certain doesn't offer any closing when did lana get pregnant to Did you get your take of spy spoofing action. Lana is known to have very strong hands of Johnny Bench-ian proportions which are a source of constant ridicule by her coworkers. However it is shown that both Sterling and Lana have lingering feelings for each other and still care for each other, although they often bicker. Her relationship with Cyril may have been due to the fact that he was perceived as a more stable partner compared to her earlier relationship with Sterling (or subconsciously as a means to spite Archer). In "The Honeymooners," while climbing a skyscraper, she seriously considered the notion of having a baby with Archer (partially to annoy him and partially because the two of them would produce a beautiful child), but quickly disregarded the idea and instead decided on Cyril. However, it is obvious to any Archer addict that Archer and Lana care for each other deeply.
Lana showed great concern for Archer when he was diagnosed with breast cancer (Stage Two) and spent the night with him out of pity (he originally believed they had sex, but they did not). But it turns out she never gave the bike back, rendering the lesson pointless and Lana shocked (Drift Problem).
During a mission to stop a radical environmentalist marine biologist from blowing up Sealab, Lana discloses that she is pregnant, angering Cyril because he isn't the father and prompting Archer to sacrifice his scuba gear and drown so that they could escape. As Agent Holly sweeps the mansion for illegal activity, Lana contemplates going into Witness Protection, but Archer reveals that once the baby is born it will be taken away, causing her to start crying. Archer denies knowing and attempts to act as a doula before Malory arrives and ejects him from the room. Archer reminded her that such rules would eventually be broken by him, making it pointless (The Holdout).
While not getting into too many spoilers, the short of it is that ISIS is facing yet another crisis that may destroy it. In Sea Tunt Part two Lana tells everyone she is meaning and confirms Saint Cyril is not the Sagittarius when did lana get pregnant the Archer is the reason for her getting crabs twice core of impertinence Part To protect Lana. From getting ache Clark told her he didn't love her anymore thus that to lose her thus helium situated up antiophthalmic factor fake pregnancy in rate to arrive her to marry him. She was about to throw red paint on Malory Archer's new fur, when Malory pointed her gun at Lana's forehead. In the episode "Stage Two," Archer thought he was going to die of breast cancer, he convinced Lana (out of pity) into a one night stand. After Archer found out his cancer medication was fake, Lana begrudgingly accompanied him in his "rampage," serving as his cameraman and chauffeur (Placebo Effect). Archer and Lana help Malory dispose of the body of the Italian prime minister after she called them.

Archer showed great concern for their daughter's future, when he began to question what would happen to Abbiejean should they both die while on a mission and suggested Malory and Woodhouse. At one point the main character, Sterling Archer, is given a vision for Archer Vice, which is apparently what the rest of the show will be about.
Lana made a big impression on Lex and atomic number 2 did not learn yearn to chance upon why to get closer to her but this did not encounter and Lex consoled Lana about Clark's absence.
During the affair, he appeared to want to tell Lana his true feelings, however, that was interrupted. Lana later paired with Cyril again in "Viscous Coupling", although it was more out of desperation for companionship and sexual satisfaction than any genuine attraction. Archer goes to great lengths to get Kenny Loggins to perform at Lana's baby shower, but in the end she reveals that she isn't really familiar with him. Oddly, Lana actively tried to avoid the conversation, though she made it clear that his choices were not acceptable.
InĀ "Sea Tunt: Part II," Lana tells everyone she is pregnant and confirms Cyril is not the father, much to his chagrin. In "Sea Tunt: Part II," Archer confesses to Lana he loves her, which Lana acknowledges, but does not return. This second attempt at a relationship fell apart due to Cyril's increased paranoia caused by Pam and Cheryl's meddling, and culminated in another breakup once Lana announced her pregnancy through a sperm bank, which she did without telling him prior. They instead partake in a dinner party charade when an NYPD detective comes to look around. Woodhouse then covers for Archer and presents her with Archer's old crib, making it look as if it were his idea.
In the season five finale, it is revealed that Lana does love Archer right before she reveals his paternity of their daughter. After the detective has left, Lana makes Archer realize that Malory's story is a lie and that Malory had killed the prime minister. Lana starts crying and states that it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her (Baby Shower). She avoided the topic for fear of hurting Archer's feelings that neither he nor anyone in his family would be allowed custody of Abbiejean.
Despite her problems with Archer in the past, she appears to genuinely care about him and she peacefully introduces him to their daughter.
Archer, most likely to mask his disappointment, proceeded to ask if Lana's sister was younger. This appears to be her attempt at trying what Archer suggested earlier in the season: Starting a family, so that her daughter can have a father in her life.

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