What to do when you're thinking about getting pregnant

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, there are a few things you may want to get done first.
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I decided to investigate the world of mommy blogging back in 2011 when I became pregnant with my daughter, Ava. That’s right, oral health is linked to a healthy pregnancy, so now is the time to get your teeth and gums checked.

Pregnancy is the ultimate motivation for dropping a few pounds (or gain a few if you need to), getting into an exercise routine and introducing a healthy lifestyle. As you'll soon discover, I write about my adventures as a mom as well as all the things that interest me in the world!
This is an opportunity to ask about any medication you are taking,  getting off the pill, prenatal supplements, and anything about getting pregnant or pregnancy in general. Start speaking to someone about savings plans and get informed about your financial options.

Feeling settled will help with the pregnancy, so it’s best to get this sorted ahead of time.

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