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If your decision is to keep your baby, you must consider all of the money, planning, and care it takes to raise a child (e.g. I feel so alone right now , I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant the father of my son started being really mean To me from the day I told him I was pregnant. Your baby is your light and us going ti give you the streght you need to never never give up!!! Hi Eliza – I would let him know you want to take things slow and develop a very strong friendship for now. I stood, my feet glued to the floor and perfectly still other than the shaking which defined who I was in the months after my husband left, and I watched in open-mouthed horror at the elderly couple on line in the local grocery store.
And I, a newly abandoned woman, pregnant and alone with our fifth child, watched in horror thinking to myself that I had NEVER treated my husband that way. Last weekend I took my boys to see the Max Lucado movie, A Christmas Candle and was taken off guard by an early scene during which a young woman finds herself pregnant and alone.
The movie portrays a reverend dishing out soup to the needy and switches to the scene of a the woman, no more than a girl really, being kicked out of what appears to be a boarding house. It was not until the girl picks up the few items she owns that I realized she was pregnant and alone. November 21, 2013 by Strahlen 2 Comments I am no longer pregnant and alone, but I still have more to say. This is about God sending me the right people to read my story, those who need to hear my story because it so closely echoes their own, pregnant and alone or with a newborn and abandoned. So many of you have contacted me. But I promise, there is one all powerful and ever loving God who knows your story – all the good and the bad.
For Alice, KB, Iba, Kyley, Heidi, Sophia, Amy, Nicole and others like them – I hold each of you in my heart. I also have to offer a huge thank you to those of you who have reached out and offered prayers and encouragement, especially Laura and MisECOOPER.
Please pray that we learn from our experiences, that we emerge stronger and smarter and better, that our wounds be healed, our worries be lifted, our tears be dried, our hearts be strong but soft and loving and giving and beautiful as the Lord intended them. Please pray that we all reach our God-given ability to pick up the pieces and move on, to love, to forgive, to find faith, hope, and peace in this world and in the next.
January 1, 2012 by Strahlen Leave a Comment Mary was never scared about her pregnancy because she knew she was never alone in her pregnancy. I was pregnant and scared and, worse, I felt pregnant and alone with so many questions and so little direction.
That  may not have been the way it happened, but the important fact is that Mary was never scared and pregnant because she knew no one is ever alone and pregnant.
If you are pregnant and scared or feeling pregnant and alone, no matter what age or circumstances, there is help. In the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a town of Galilee called Nazareth, 27 to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph, of the house of David, and the virgin’s name was Mary.

I was 38 years old, our youngest child would be 6 when this baby was born, and suddenly we were starting over. Only the Lord knew we would need that light and it was a lesson delivered with perfect timing. Mary knew what I am learning:  that I need to sit back and let God work miracles in our lives. Sometimes things happen which are beyond our control and yet we try to control them anyway. November 2, 2011 by Strahlen 16 Comments When this picture was taken, Kaleb was a few weeks old. Artificial Insemination: Consider the process of choosing a sperm donor, if you want to get pregnant without a partner. Jeanetta- It may seem difficult and never ending my daughter is 11 and her father is the same way including time with her and $10 a week in support payments(not what he is ordered to pay) but stay strong and always remember the time with the father is not yours to take away because of what he has not done but to be a step in the right direction by him. Feeling completely alone, and being confused, scared, and desperate for help, are going to be a part of your daily life for a while. The old woman literally beat her husband over his back with her flyer and cursed him out loud. The girl begs the woman not to do this, but the woman scornfully replies something along the lines of, “Next time you’ll learn to keep your affections to yourself,” as she throws the girl’s possessions over the banister into the street below. It is heartwarming to know I am not the only one to suffer through such a life altering ordeal and, at the same time, it is heartbreaking to know so many others are hurting in such a breathless, un-nameable way.
I am reaching out to you, thanking you, and greedily asking for an infinite supply of prayers:  Prayers for myself and other women who find themselves pregnant and alone around the world.
The Solemnity of Mary is held January 1st each year and is a Catholic Holy Day of Obligation. We had not planned our fifth little boy, and I remember the fear I had in the days, weeks, and months after my husband left. He’s got a stable behind his inn, and we think we can fit you between the cows and the sheep.
She knew it would not be easy and I imagine she must have had some twinges at the thought of labor, but she knew she could handle whatever came her way because God was in charge.
I saw our dreams of travel and leisure go up in smoke and knelt in church to ask God why we were given this baby when there were so many couples desperate to have one.
I cannot put into words the joy he brings to our lives and none of the financial hardships or loss of sleep can ever begin to compare to the joy of him flying at us with open arms or the feel of his wet sloppy kisses as clambers over us or that belly laugh that makes total strangers stop in their tracks and laugh along.
It has been 2 ? years since my husband’s abandonment and there are still days of pain and anger and confusion, but I have learned that God has a plan for us and I need to get out of his way. There are alot of single mom and dads out there that are doing it alone for one reason or another, so if a person is financially able ,and ready to start there family on there own i say more power to them. Ask yourself questions that will help you assess your situation and make important decisions.

You should be provided with counseling services, and you should have a case worker to advocate for your rights and guide you through the whole process. There are open adoptions, which allow you to communicate with your child and the family you placed them with, and there are closed adoptions, too. It is the people who enrich your life with good, and the belief in yourself, that make this time one you can handle. I could not understand why my husband had chosen to leave when this man had chosen to stay, why this woman could not value her husband when I’d have done anything to have mine by my side again. My heart aches for where you are, where you have been, and where you will have to go to find healing, strength, hope. There were always new questions I had no answers to and new threats to my family that I dealt with alone.
Please reach out to CareNet or Birth Right or another crisis pregnancy center or contact me through comments or my contact me button. When my husband left, I was scared and pregnant and alone, but again God had again given me this beautiful gift, this innocent child to treasure and care for and love.
I know my husband has chosen a difficult life for himself (although he does not see that yet), but I have felt my eyes open to beauty and pain and goodness and love I never would have known existed without this experience and like Mary, I will work to make myself the handmaid of the Lord. Now, when the pain flairs up, I know it’s just another side effect of having to do too much on my own.
For example, you may suddenly become ill and need someone to come over in the middle of the night to care for your newborn. If you do choose adoption, make sure you get adequate medical and counseling attention before, during, and after placement. Maybe it’s not as bad as it feels for you and you two just need to have some healthy dialogue. What a sacrifice Jesus made to become human and to willingly accept and embrace human suffering and trials. I wonder what God thought listening to my prayer, “Please give this baby to someone who really needs it.” I cringe over that now. As a single mother, you should be prepared for certain challenges along the way that will develop as a result of your situation. I was working part time and looking forward to updating my teaching license and returning to work full time.
I made the decision to bring this innocent baby into this world and I know I can do it on my own . Financially, we were set for the first time, and we allowed ourselves to begin to think of a time when there would be less work and more play.

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