What to do trying to get pregnant

The only thing that this accomplished was that I would lose all feeling in my legs and stumble around like I was drunk after I tried to get up.
A friend of mine suggested seeing a Curandera, or a medicine woman who would rub herbs and special oils and waters on my belly and say what I understood to be a prayer over it.
My ObGyn suggested that both getting drunk and climaxing at the same time were the key to getting pregnant.
If you are in this large group of women, chances are you are beginning to feel very frustrated and ready to give up trying to get pregnant altogether.
A problem with Fallopian tubes is a leading cause of issues when women are trying to get pregnant. Other issues that may be causing you to not get pregnant may be endometriosis or other medical related problems. Some women have also found that simple lifestyle changes for both them and their partners to be very beneficial when trying to get pregnant.

Diet and proper exercise are also key areas that women and men can change to help with the odds of getting pregnant. A friend sent me to a website that showed how the lunar cycles and astrology can help you get pregnant. Feng Shui, rubbing pregnant women’s bellies, eating or drinking certain (very weird) concoctions, rubbing minerals and crystals on your body, and more.
So, if you are having difficulties getting pregnant, there is less than a 50% chance that the issue is with infertility in you. The first step in solving these issues is to learn exactly what the fertility tests that were administered on you looked for. Although it is difficult to become pregnant if you have endometriosis, most women who have this medical condition can do so with assistance from their doctor. When you begin to relax and stop thinking day and night about getting pregnant, your body will naturally begin acting normally again.

Most of the time, there are ways that doctors can help you get pregnant, even if all the tests come back normal. As we age, it becomes more difficult to get pregnant and your doctor may be able to instruct you on the path that you need to take. Sometimes the support of others is enough to get your body acting the way that it is supposed to and get you on track to pregnancy faster.

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