What not to do when trying to fall pregnant

A friend of mine suggested seeing a Curandera, or a medicine woman who would rub herbs and special oils and waters on my belly and say what I understood to be a prayer over it. My ObGyn suggested that both getting drunk and climaxing at the same time were the key to getting pregnant.
When you are trying to get pregnant, it might feel like you have a list a mile long of things you should and should not do to help you get pregnant. Doctors recommend that if you are under 35 that you try for an entire year to get pregnant before seeking fertility help, and for women over age 35 the recommendation is six months. It is good for your body to be in shape even if you are not trying to conceive, but if you are, it is imperative.

If you don’t already, consider taking a prenatal vitamin, even before you get pregnant. Another very important part of getting pregnant is knowing when your most fertile days are. Things like standing on your head (done it) and peeing on sticks to tell you when you are most fertile (done that, too).
A friend sent me to a website that showed how the lunar cycles and astrology can help you get pregnant. Feng Shui, rubbing pregnant women’s bellies, eating or drinking certain (very weird) concoctions, rubbing minerals and crystals on your body, and more.

Taking a prenatal vitamin can help get your body in the best possible shape to get pregnant, and if you do conceive, vitamins can give your baby a boost in early pregnancy. Make sure that you find a way that works for you, because without knowing when you are ovulating, your journey of conception is nothing but a crapshoot. Especially consider folic acid as a supplement, as it is very beneficial to babies during early pregnancy.

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