What kind fish to eat during pregnancy

Pregnant women are typically told to avoid fish due to its high mercury content and risk of food-borne illness.
Frozen fish should not be purchased if the bag has been opened or broken, or if ice crystals have formed on the fillets.
The flesh of fresh fish should be firm and should spring back into place after you touch it. If you are unsure as to the safety of a fish product or you are not aware of what type of fish a dish contains, refrain from eating it. If you feel ill within several days of eating any type of seafood, contact a medical professional immediately. Eat your seafood during pregnancy it’s an awesome source of protein to include the healthy fats. However, fish can be a source of nutrients important to your child’s prenatal development such as omega-3 fatty acids. Stored fish can contain chemicals or food-borne illnesses that can put you and your developing baby at risk of sickness. Fish must be kept very cold to keep from spoiling, and it should be arranged to allow draining. Scales may be duller on frozen fish and the flesh may not be as firm once thawed, but it is typically safe to eat if the integrity of the packaging has been assured.
You may not be able to identify all the warning signs of spoiled fish at the grocery store.

If fish is left unrefrigerated for too long, it can develop dangerous contaminants that can cause serious illness in pregnant women. Stinky fish can make even healthy people sick, and is especially dangerous for your unborn child.
If you do not have a food thermometer, cook the fish until the flesh is opaque and flakes easily with a fork at multiple spots in the fillet.
If you are preparing fish that was previously raw, do not use any utensils, plates, or serving dishes to eat the fish after cooking.
Man-made environmental hazards such as power plants can contaminate surrounding waters and, as a result, nearby fish. Though the fishing industry takes steps to properly ship, store, and clean their product, you should still be cautious. Fish bought in the refrigerator section may contain listeria, a food-borne illness particularly threatening to pregnant women.
Dried or darkened edges also indicate that the fish has been sitting for too long and is no longer fresh. Ask about ingredients in egg salads or pasta dishes, ethnic foods like empanadas or sushi, garnishes like fish eggs, specialty spreads like smoked salmon cream cheese, imitation seafood products, and other foods sources. Undercooked or raw fish may also transmit food-borne illness that may affect pregnant women more than others.
But too much is not always best!Only if you do not eat any seafood would I recommend taking one fish oil supplement per day.Take a prenatal vitamin every day during childbearing years-yes, it's a long time!When you do eat fish during pregnancy look for low mercury usually found in Salmon, Smaller Fish (sardines), White Fish, Cat Fish, Tilapia, Small Cod, Lobster, Clams, Bass ( Striped, Black), Carp, Cod ( Alaskan), Croaker ( White Pacific), Halibut ( Pacific and Atlantic), Jacksmelt ( Silverside), Mahi Mahi, Monkfish, Perch (freshwater), Sablefish, Skate, Snapper, Sea Trout , Tuna (canned, pink, chunk light), Tuna (Skipjack), all contain less amounts of mercury.

Look for fish packaged with a NOAA label, indicating it has been inspected by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Unless you are sure the refrigerated fish has been cooked thoroughly in a casserole or soup dish, buy canned fish instead. This will save you the hassle of having to go to a ‘plan B’ at dinnertime if the fish you purchased is inedible. Instead, run the fish under cold water until it is thawed or leave it in the refrigerator overnight.
Though most fish generally emit a unique odor, only prepare fish if it smells mild and fresh. The dangers of inappropriately prepared fish can be avoided with thorough cooking and safe preparation practices. Also, try to avoid mixing serving containers of fish to prevent the spread of fish-borne illness.
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