What is a healthy pre pregnancy diet

It's important to eat healthy most of the time, and especially when you're pregnant or trying to become pregnant.
Although similar patterns have been studied and shown to have an effect on DNA in mice for years, this experiment marks the first in humans — so stay tuned for more studies like this that show the specific effects of pre- and early conception diet on DNA.
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Her child during pregnancy for women who ate less risk of developing heart problems and healthy shape, the researchers believe. About his diet had been proposed in the United States, in the year before pregnancy had called for a study of 19,000 women.

Healthy bones and teeth, experts folic acid such as spinal bifida and vitamin D to reduce the risk of other birth defects recommend. England, Healthy Start scheme, the government, can be used to purchase milk and vegetable vouchers to pregnant women.
A healthy diet, the researchers found both groups that had been associated with a low probability when compared to reduce maternal Congenital heart defects. After pregnancy can be seen here as benefits for mother and child, rather than focus on individual nutrients, a healthy diet “should be taken into account during dose. In fact, as a new study points out, a healthy eating plan during the year before you become pregnant may help prevent common birth defects.

In the meantime, it appears there is no reason to wait to start adding more fruits, veggies, and healthy foods to your diet!

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